Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trashed, like Grover

Couple quick things, most of which are (oddly) now covered by Twitter (is this making the blog look long-winded, and perhaps obsolete? That's what happened to Fritz's Xanga, as you'll recall).

First off, for those of you in the digital age who don't like hard copies of CDs, or are partial to instant gratification, we now have our new CD, "Shake Down the Sun," available in both MP3 form and CD form. Click here to buy for absurdly low prices (but it's always cheaper if you come to a show!). Please support the cause!

Next up, we are for some reason (not ungrateful, of course -- just surprised since we weren't notified at all) up for Band of the Month over at Deli Magazine. You can vote for us here, and it would be much appreciated.

Final quick mention, we are close to re-confirming our Philly show at Khyber Pass for Oct. 6. The club switched agents and it was in limbo for a bit, but we are looking pretty good to go now. I will keep you posted as we get closer. For now, let's plan on meeting in Philly Oct. 6 for a steak-and-cheese (that I can't eat anymore, since I don't do the red meat, but you can enjoy) and Shiner (in select places). Yuengling will be the backup.

Last night's Toad show was looking rocky at the start, but really smoothed out over time. Mike's amp had some serious issues and I'm still fairly certain, upon listening to the recording of last night's show, that his overdrive pedal is shot. Lots of between-note squealing going on. Anyhow, after the first four songs or so were wildly unbalanced, we got the knack of things and, best of all, the place started to fill up. It was pretty packed by night's end. Due to the delay caused by equipment problems, we decided to forgo the set break and play through. Good thing, too, because that's when we really started "cooking." Still a bunch of mistakes, and a lot more loudness and showboating than I would have preferred, but all in all, it was OK. Crowd was a bit quiet for being so filled out, but they seemed to enjoy it. And I enjoyed that, clearly. Either way, quote of the night goes to Creamer, explaining to a new fan that Grover does NOT live in a trashcan with Oscar the Grouch, explaining, "Don't get me wrong, I mean, he's all dirty and shit, but he doesn't live in a trashcan."
SET LIST (I'll need to check this against the recording): Ordinary Girls / Debts / Research Blvd / Empire Central / Don't Get Me Wrong / There's a Reason / Whitewashed / Golden Fleece / Trouble From the Start / St. Anthony / The Nadir / On Our Own / The Devil's Arms / Valley of Gold / A Hard Rain / Lights On / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Madeline / Seek Cover / Cedar / I Come From the Water / Shotgun Wedding / Shine a Light

Our last Toad Tuesday before we leave for tour is Sept. 22 -- so, yeah, next week is going to be nuts. All I'm saying is you better be at Toad next Tuesday, and early at that. We might just go crazy!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: A wee bit of blog and newspaper chatter, since I haven't check in awhile, and confirmation that Sean Murray recalls his offer to book us once a month at The Oasis.

Cheap Thrills - For Toad, last night: "Wanted to go to Toad last Tuesday? Cassavettes and Mia returned just for you. From gig to gig, I've Cassavettes hit multiple points on the roots-to-rock meter. Who knows what mood they'll be in, but the room size suggests they'll be in an easygoing alt-country groove tonight."

The New Haven Advocate, For I Am Festival, last weekend: "This year that includes New Haven's avant-skate rock trio The Vultures (who drop their long-awaited, razor-sharp first full-length Chingus exactly a week after I AM) and psych-pop ensemble M.T. Bearington (who had to cancel last year's festival but have continued to amass audience goodwill through 2009); Boston's Cassavettes (a band Murray was so excited about "I promised them I would book them once a month — I definitely haven't done that!"); and, from New London, ukulele-punker Brian Skidmore and his band The Weird Beards ("they've been getting a huge following as of late," Murray says."

Finally, I noticed in my scouring of the net, that we are mentioned on a couple Australian music sites, because we are playing next to Aussie Mia Dyson. I wonder if this exposure will finally make us big Down Under (and no, that's not a member joke).

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Anonymous Mike said...

While my pedal may be broken ( i think it's just a shot to hell battery), that definitely had nothing to do with the weird volume issues. I'm worried that it's a problem with my amp's wiring, since it jumped up in down in volume ALL night. I had to keep juggling back and forth between turning my amp and guitar up and down to compensate. If I was overbearingly loud out in the crowd, I couldn't really tell. I didn't hear any complaints of that from anyone at the show, though.
If my amp were messed up, that would be a major end-of-summer bummer, since funds is tight. I'd probably have to ask the readers of this blog to make a donation to the band to repair it. Just kidding.

Or am I?

16 September, 2009 16:35  
Anonymous glenn said...

i feel you on that, my man. and no the volume issues weren't about you. the guitars actually sound pretty balanced throughout the show on the recording. i heard from several in the crowd that the drums were overbearingly loud, and that what control we exhibited in playing to the room was seemingly gone this week. no big deal. something to improve on.

16 September, 2009 18:17  
Anonymous scott said...

PLEASE let us get big in australia. as the only man in the band to be big down under (take that as you will, i'm just saying i'm the only one to have visited australia) i can safely say i'd like to return to the land that was once blessed with being the setting for "the rescuers down under" as well as many other films from the australia-obsessed late 80s/early 90s. also, i agree, from an outsiders perspective obviously, that mike's pedal is on the fritz. meaning fritz is buying mike's new distortion pedal with all the money he's making from working on films that kill legendary giraffe actors, such as the giraffe who played the toys r us mascot, who recently died in the filming of kevin james' new movie "the zookeeper." fritz, get mike a new pedal and we keep this on the downlow. RIP tweet the giraffe.

16 September, 2009 18:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grover is not dirty. He just has a different kind of fur than the rest of muppets. He and Elmo are of the same species. Oscar the Grouch is something else entirely.

09 October, 2009 17:45  

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