Monday, September 14, 2009

Out on the town

Crazy weekend. My buddy Jimmy is in town, so things have been hectic at work as I try to handle not taking off any time (since the band is going on tour next week) with actually seeing the kid and making the most of his stay. As a result, we burned the candle at both ends this weekend, starting with a show Friday at The Beachcomber.

Now, usually, when we play the Beachcomber, we have Girls Guns & Glory on board. They are from the South Shore and a reliable draw. Also, it's usually summery weather, which is good, because this place is a beach joint and ALL ABOUT summer feelings. In this case, we didn't have either, and while I was surprised and fairly pleased with the outcome, I'm not so sure the club was. The only thing besides an iffy draw that might have caused ire is that (despite my best efforts), we ran overtime by seven minutes. I know this because when I jumped off the stage, the detail cop grabbed me and said, rather disgusted "1:07 -- you're welcome." I said, "Thanks?" Yes, a question. Regardless, we had a good time, and had some Alabama slammers and tooters. I'm pretty sure both are just juice. The band was sloppy, but didn't I just tell you about the Slammers and tooters? We were probably getting a sugar high off those drinks. Besides, it's the Beachcomber. It's supposed to be wild. Jimmy had a good time though, and on the way home, begged for Burger King then fell asleep, woke up, and screamed into the BK intercom. Good night.
SET LIST: Ordinary Girls / A Hard Rain / Research Blvd / Lights On / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Madeline / Golden Fleece / Seek Cover / Trouble From the Start / Whitewashed / Cedar / Shotgun Wedding / Shine a Light

The next afternoon, we all met up in our old stomping grounds of New London, Ct. on a dreary day. Not the kind of day you want to play an outdoors show, but such was the case at the I Am Festival. Weird note: Since we've been going to New London, the great thing about it is that it is fairly constant. Nothing changes, and it's always fun. This time, it seemed like EVERYTHING had changed, some for the much, much worse. Two divorces, one death, several coast guard guys shipped off to other remote areas (Bahrain?). It was a lot to take in. As for the show, it was an impressive set up, but I think the weather dashed any hopes of big crowds. And we may not have been right up most of the kids' alleys -- even if one dude was really into it, headbanging and nudging Jimmy repeatedly. We did sell a decent amount of merch, so maybe folks liked the jams more than I thought? It's hard to read a crowd sometimes. After all, even when I'm really into something, I rarely act like it. It's just a thing. A vibe thing, I guess. Anyhow, I officially started my experiment of recording all of live shows (fingers crossed) and have yet to dump the audio, but an initial listen sounded OK. Again, we were sloppy and I'm coming down with a cold, I think, and having some major trouble singing, but some songs were pretty on. So, we'll see what happens as I undertake Cassavettes' archives project.
SET LIST: Ordinary Girls / Lights On / Seek Cover / Don't Get Me Wrong / Golden Fleece / Cedar / Shotgun Wedding / Shine a Light

After the show, Jim and I went south to NYC for a quick 24-hour whirlwind adventure. Some of the highlights: hanging with AJ whose new place and new life are equally fantastic; hanging with Joe Bug, L Ro, and Stephen (and Jimmy and AJ) at Pete's Candy Store without having to play a show; doing the tourist thing at the Statue of Liberty (where we went through two security checkpoints, one of which inexplicably blows air on you in short, sudden bursts), Wall Street, Ground Zero, Times Square, and Central Park; seeing a dude in the park with a battery-operated blender, illegally mixing margaritas for customers out of a backpack he was carrying about; and finally, having some really good NYC food (sweet deli sandy, awesome late-night za). All in all, good, albeit brief, trip. Looking forward to the tour, as this seemed like an early preview in some ways, of both the good and the bad.

Tonight, we complete our costly, yet fun, tour of New England with a visit to the Patriots game (my first), which has Matt green with envy -- making him look very Christmas-y when you add in the red hair. Tomorrow night, we're back at Toad for week two of our residency. Ought to be a good one!

Finally, hard copies of our CD are for sale now on Nimbit (see below) and I joined Twitter to convince more folks to come to our shows (see right rail). Hopefully both are positive connections!

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Anonymous Lauren "L Ro" said...

Great to see you, and thanks for the CD. I listened to it yesterday and loved it! I think Golden Fleece is my favorite.

14 September, 2009 12:16  
Anonymous glenn said...

youre the queen bee, ms. ro.

16 September, 2009 07:59  

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