Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A voice that fits the title

It's been well-documented in this space that Andrew WK is the man. But why is he answering questions on fidelity and polygamy on Fox News?

I got a call this morning at 7 a.m. from a Washington, DC area code. I didn't answer. But knowing that my TV is broken, and Best Buy may be calling to confirm an appointment to fix it, I called back. A thick, gravelly voice greeted me: "Geek Squad." So, yes, Best Buy's Geek Squad was behind the early morning call. But the voice didn't match the words. How can you purport to be a member of the so-called Geek Squad when it sounds like you just took a phone break from a barfight?

In actual band matters, the CD was approved and actually sent to print today. Turns out, unfortunately, because of the way it was designed, we have to kick in some extra cash to get it to look the way we want on the CD face (using four colors instead of three). There was a slight hope of a work-around for this, but that would have taken a lot of TIME, which at this point, is more valuable to me than the relatively small amount of money we had to put up to get it right, the way we wanted it. I also explored the last second avenue of doing a digipak, but gosh darn, those are expensive! We'll be happy with this decision for good, I feel. Matt is in Maine for a few days, on a whim (I guess?), so practice is iffy this week. I'm feeling pretty good about the covers we did last week -- they sounded pretty good and I've been getting some nice feedback. But I'd like to work more covers into the rotation. Versatility is the name of the game.

Finally, TD just uploaded a slew of photos from the past few months to our computer, so a lot of undocumented band shows are, well, now documented. So I will try to go back in the archives this week and give it a touch-up.

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