Monday, August 17, 2009

Some similarities

Fun show at the Atwoods Saturday. I like that place. Apparently, we got a bit too loud, but I thought all in all, it was pretty controlled. Sure, when Matt does a drum roll buildup in "Shine a Light" it hurts my ears, too, but that's his style, I guess. Speaking of, Alex and I watched an SNL episode from last year with Coldplay on it (we also watched "Tim and Eric" together for the second time, and I have completely reverted to my view that the show is only funny occasionally -- but way too stupid-humor-based to enjoy consistently). That Coldplay drummer is akin to Matt in more than one way. He hits as hard as he possibly can. He's flamboyant whilst hitting. And they have similar cranium accessories.

Anyhow, yeah, so the show was pretty good. Decent crowd for a last-minute fill-in slot, and we were having a lot of fun up there. Much joking. After party was cool. All in all, good night. Makes me miss Toad -- but that's coming up so soon. But FIRST, we play Joco's in Waltham (a very similar set up to Atwoods, I hear) this Friday and then Boston's GreenFest at City Hall on Saturday. We play at 4:45 in the afternoon, so make a day of it. Bring your pic-a-nic basket.
SET LIST (from memory) 1: A Hard Rain / Research Blvd / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Madeline / The Nadir / Debts / Golden Fleece / Someday Darling / There's a Reason / Six Hours / St. Anthony / On the Lam / Whitewashed / Empire Central / On Our Own / Trouble From the Start / Seek Cover / The Devil's Arms / Valley of Gold

SET 2: Ordinary Girls / Lights On / Alex Chilton / Marie / Cinnamon Girl / Cedar / I Come From the Water / Shotgun Wedding / Shine a Light

Onstage, I started talking about how strange of a moment Steven Tyler's now infamous fall came at. He's in the middle of like a strange little jig (yes, I realize that it's like his THING to do this dance, but it only compounds the awkwardness of the fall; and yes, I know it's likely bad karma to point out one's misfortune onstage, especially when we move around as much as we do). Anyhow, I had nearly forgotten about that conversation with the audience when I came upon this aptly-titled post on "Dude looks like a (little old) lady."
I'm speechless.

Furthermore, on a final (uplifting) note, My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James apparently made a George Harrison tribute album. The newsworthiness to me comes in the fact that he released the album under the name Yim Yames. Does anyone recall the SNL skit with Steve Forbes as Teve Torbes? Just saying...

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