Saturday, August 01, 2009


I THINK this was posted today, but I could be way behind. Either way, we finished as second runner-up in the Boston Phoenix's Best Music Poll Roots category, behind our old friends Girls Guns & Glory and Movers & Shakers (and somehow ahead of the greatness of Dennis Brennan and Session Americana?). Congrats, fellas.

For one thing, I find that placement surprising because we didn't promote this to fans hardly at all. And not even I voted. Ha! Thanks to those of you who did. Don't take my "whatever" attitude as a lack of graciousness, it's just that we weren't quite sure what to do with this nomination...
Last night, we went to the BMP pre-party at the Middle East Downstairs, and I bumped into FNX DJ Dave Virr. I asked him if he has something to do with the nominations, and he nodded vigorously. Standing next to my buddy Emeen (of The Sterns fame, but more recently his own excellent Emeen Z Band), I said, "Then, what's the deal with the snub for my man Emeen?" He said, "he didn't put anything out this year." Neither did we, I thought, unless you count "Animal Friends." And, as Scott said, was that a "roots" album? Not to sound ungrateful, just a tidbit of our conversation.

I think it's pretty funny that we still have the Roots tag. At least it's not Country or something more severe-sounding.

Anyway, I had to pull out of a Brooklyn show with Quixote and Yoni Gordon in a couple weeks. I didn't realize it was a Tuesday night, and it wouldn't be worth the work I'd miss to do a Tuesday show for probably no one in NYC. So, instead, I hooked them up with a local guy we know, and -- voila! -- everyone wins.

Also, scroll down to my last post if you have a second and check out the photos from P-town by Playground Boston. Pretty cool! We were supposed to do an album photo shoot today with Aram but Matt couldn't get anyone to cover him at work. Lame. I don't think we'll have another time when we CAN shoot this photo for the album, also used as a new press photo, considering I am going to get some artwork by early this week (I guess?) and then submit to the band for changes/approval. By this time next weekend, I'm hoping to have the record sent to get pressed.

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