Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Old news is still good news

You thought we were done talking about the Provincetown Rocks Festival, eh? Well, we are. But Playground Boston isn't! And we are the beneficiaries of a very kind write-up about our final set at the music festival...
If you watch television, read music mags or go to concerts, there’s a fighting chance that you’ve seen or heard the Cassavettes somewhere down the line. Originally from Texas, the band was quickly appropriated as a full-fledged Boston band after forming in 2005. In ’06 alone, they were voted the Best Local Band in the Phoenix readers’ poll, their album It’s Gonna Change was picked as a CD of the Week in the Boston Globe, and they were nominated for Outstanding Americana Act of the Year in the Boston Music Awards. In January ’07, they performed on the Fox 25 morning news, and the long list of acts they’ve shared bills with includes Kings of Leon, Superdrag, Letters to Cleo, the Toadies, Dr. Dog and (not even kidding) the Allman Brothers Band.

With a balanced assortment of songs from their three albums (plus a brand new LP that the band plans to release later this year), the Cassavettes’ earnest but lighthearted set was a stark (and perhaps necessary) contrast to the emotional performance that followed with the New Frustrations. They ran the gamut from indie pop stompers to rockabilly shuffles that highlighted the bands’ southern roots, and the steady hands and feet of drummer Matt Snow allowed those changes of scenery to occur without the need for a cross country flight. Guitarists Mike McCullagh and Glenn Yoder traded lead vocal duties as they spun their twangy tales of TV static in empty houses and vain attempts at auto theft. The songs of the ‘Vettes have their share of angst and melancholy (after all, does not every cowboy sing a sad, sad song?), but the rowdy rhythms and backup hollers of Snow and bassist Scott Jones confined all blues to the fret boards.

Like I said, quite kind. They also go on to detail the set of our friends The Neighborhoods, which we regrettably missed. However, we have another chance to see them when we share the stage at Boston GreenFest at City Hall on August 22. But plenty will happen before that!

We have ALMOST reached the end of the line for this CD. The artwork is close to done (hey, why not, a peek at the cover? see below) and the rest is falling into place. The final master is being sent to the pressing plant. As of today, I settled up all outstanding tabs, which leaves us to only pay for the pressing of the album.

Will it be done in time for Toad Tuesdays in September? One can only hope. Will it be done for our fall tour? Yes, it will. And that tour, by the way, is coming together nicely with confirmed shows in Knoxville, Philly, DC, and NYC over the weekend. Hopefully today we'll nail down Nashville. Then we can rest a bit, because the rest of the dates on the tour will either come together organically (someone will finally notice my email and write me back), or we will have a few days off. I'm considering taking another band sabbatical in Virginia Beach. We'll be around the area, and it makes sense. I'm just trying to get a show nearby to justify it.

This Saturday, August 15, we're out at the Atwoods doing a somewhat impromptu night-long set at 10 p.m. So come out. After all, it's free!

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