Friday, August 14, 2009

More or less (or Les)

So, I sat in with the Three Day Threshold guys last night at Atwoods, thoroughly ruining their set with bad guitar solos and an uninvited rendition of Morphine's "French Fries with Pepper." During said song, I did one verse, one chorus, and promptly walked offstage (and then out of the club) Van Morrisson/giant asshole style to a surprisingly large amount of confused applause. Actually, we did two Morphine songs, a few Three Day tunes, and some others. Hilariously, their drummer told me, "We should hire you, man." Nice guy just being nice. Either way, we're playing the Atwoods on Saturday night if anyone wants to come out. Should be pretty wild.

It feels like time is flying by at an unheard of rate lately. AJ and Rachel are leaving soon -- how did that creep up so fast? The record is almost done, save for a few small design elements. We're halfway through August! The tour is filling in even more (just added Lexington, Ky., and The Oasis in New London, Ct., to our plans -- speaking of the Oasis, we're doing the I Am Festival in New London next month). It looks like the next 7-8 weeks are going to be constant activity, personally and professionally. There's a lot going on. Not too much, but close.

Finally, a sad note: I will say that the news that hits the hardest lately is Les Paul's passing. Nothing against Michael Jackson, but I would argue that this is a more significant musical passing. The guy basically invented multi-track recording! And his name is synonymous with perhaps the most famous (or at least second most recognizable to the Stratocaster) guitar ever! As the Globe obit notes, "'I’m so identified with the Les Paul electrics that sometimes a kid’ll come up and say, "Hey, you’re a real person, not a guitar."' Mr. Paul wrote in 1981." And too top it all off, he's a musician in his own right. An unbelievably wide-spanning career that, for my money, touched more musicians in more ways than pretty much anyone else ever has. Music is lucky to have had him.

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