Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A couple spare thoughts

Not to detract from today's more important, relevant post, but I just came across yet another peculiar YouTube video. This one is of a young man covering our old friend and producer Todd Thibaud. I think it is a new measurement of success when you have someone cover you on YouTube. Maybe it doesn't signal that you've made it...but then again, maybe it does? See where I went with that?

Anyhow, as long as I have the floor, I will post this story from The Boston Globe that I meant to post last week when it happened. It's our manager Creamer's big break -- his baby -- and it shows you just WHAT this dude does all the time. And it's a damn fine story to boot. He has been working on this Woody Guthrie archives project for quite some time now, and he deserves the recognition that comes with his work.
With all of the key players now deceased, Creamer came to manage the resuscitation of the Guthrie recordings in much the same way he manages the careers of rock musicians on his client roster. He helped Sutera create an inventory of the metal masters, and with her blessing began to put together an informal team to decipher the content, ownership, and value of the Stinson collection. Jonathan Horn, an attorney with extensive knowledge of the folk world, introduced him to Nora Guthrie, who runs the Woody Guthrie Foundation and Archives in New York, and Matt Barton, a Cambridge native who was retained to research the company’s history. (Barton is now curator of recorded sound at the Library of Congress.)

Hey, that's us (in a roundabout way)! We're rock musicians under his stewardship. Anyhow, Creamer's involvement in such a historic project makes me wonder if he's going to start hanging out with Dylan, Springsteen, and Tweedy. Maybe they'll all want to hang with the Dreamer now that he's got a stake in something they covet so. But I'm sure they've got managers to handle that for them.

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