Monday, August 24, 2009


Last update for awhile, since I'm heading way, way west for a bit. San Fran bound. Napa Valley. Vino.

Busy band weekend, with two shows just 16 hours or so apart. The first was at Joco's in Waltham, which may set a new record for smallest venue we've ever played. We cramped in the corner near the jukebox, drank Narragansett, and played two even-tempered sets. Some friends even made the drive out, to watch us play and to watch the Sox (or watch the Joco's patrons watch the Sox) get absolutely whomped. No big.
SET 1: There's a Reason / The Nadir / Debts / The Devil's Arms / Madeline / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Research Blvd. / Like Secrets Beneath / Golden Fleece / St. Anthony / On Our Own / On the Lam / Seek Cover / Valley of Gold
SET 2: A Hard Rain / Ordinary Girls / Lights On / Don't Get Me Wrong / Trouble From the Start / Alex Chilton / Cinnamon Girl / Walk On / Cedar / Shotgun Wedding / I Come From the Water / Shine a Light

The next day we had an afternoon show at City Hall Plaza, as part of the expansive GreenFest. After a lot of initial confusion, we got loaded in, were served some Narragansetts (see a theme emerging here?), and then played a weird show in which all I or anyone else could apparently hear was drums. On the plus side, I had the foresight to bring a backup guitar on the hunch that my strings were on the verge of breaking, so there was minimal confusion during the guitar swap. Not that I heard the guitar anyway...

Two papers promoted it (with Cassavettes mentions, hence why they get mentioned back here!): The Herald and The Phoenix. Nice to get a mention among such elite company!

SET LIST: Ordinary Girls / Lights On / Madeline / Golden Fleece / Seek Cover / Cedar / Shotgun Wedding / I Come From the Water / Shine a Light

We hauled out after the set to get Matt to another gig, and Mike home for a moving truck. It was a day of chaffeuring for me. Either way, a good dinner made up for any negative feelings toward the show, and Ghostbusters topped the night. I can't remember even seeing that movie, even if I loved it as a kid. It was like almost a totally new experience. TD fell asleep and asked me if the Marshmellow Man was had returned to the water. After the grogginess subsided, it was clear she was confusing MM with the Statue of Liberty in Ghostbusters II. Final Ghostbusters note: the lyrics to the theme song? Really odd... a few choice lines: "I ain't afraid of no ghosts / I hear it likes the girls" -- what does he think ghosts DO exactly? Also, "If you've had a dose of a freaky ghost baby" and, my new favorite proclamation, "Lemme tell ya something: Bustin' makes me feel good!"

Finally, perhaps the crowning achievement of Run DMC's career is in the OTHER Ghostbusters theme song, with rapid-fire call-and-response:
[Run] Howling haunting
[DMC] Scaring screaming
[Run] Ghostly ghosts
[DMC] Ghouling demons!
[Run] Monsters spooks
[DMC] Werewolves and devils
[Run] All those things
[DMC] on the same level
[Run] Nightmares (bad dreams) cannot be beat
It takes a brave man (to stand in defeat)
Must be the bravest (yo, the bravest and most)
You must be able to say, "I ain't afarid of no ghosts"
[DMC] A good sense of humor, is important to have
When a ghost tries to scare you (ha, don't make me laugh)
They be dustin off ghosts, like true ghost-dusters
[both] Go, go, go, go, ghoooooosstbusters!

We ought to cover it.

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Anonymous Mike said...

Interesting fact: Ghost-dusters is the only word in the English language that rhymes with Ghostbusters.

Go ahead, try to think of another one. You can't.

02 September, 2009 15:18  
Blogger cassavettes said...

cornhusker is slant rhyme. but i doubt run dmc is a fan of nebraska football.

03 September, 2009 09:47  

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