Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Where toads come from

"The Toad needs to be rocked like this once in a while."

That's a direct quote from a local who had wandered by to see The Moving Co. last night, but instead found us. See, the Moving Co. unfortunately had an issue that caused them to cancel their set while we were on-stage, finishing our set (we were just hitting the homestretch). All of a sudden, we had another two hours to fill. But we also had a line out the door all night, a bunch of crazy dancers, and a LOUD, rowdy crowd. So, we rocked, as the local put it, with pretty much every song we had.

Before we knew we would be filling an entire night with music, we had already decided to forego a set break and keep the party moving -- doing two hours straight. In retrospect, it's a bad idea, but hey, we didn't know at the time! Nonetheless, Ward and Sarah filled in with some nice harmonies (and some casual [read: bad] jamming from Scott, Mike, and myself) and that ate up some time. Then we came back and gave what we could. I made a point not to duplicate any songs, even though Creamer told us to, but you know something? Toad's bartender, Jeremy, is about the coolest guy we know and we do what HE says. He wanted to hear "Lights On" again, and so for the encore, that's exactly what we did.

One final note about the penultimate Toad Tuesday: Chris almost knocked my front teeth out about 50 times last night. Apparently, ripping open Scott and I's shirts (mine WASN'T a button-up) wasn't enough to satiate his party vibe, so he decided to pick up the microphone stand a lot, move it around so I had to follow it to sing, and push it into my face repeatedly. If I didn't love that guy, I would have thrown him a beating. Or just scolded him.

This set list is totally from memory, but at least I will hopefully get all the songs out there...
SET 1: Ordinary Girls / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Madeline / Research Blvd / Don't Get Me Wrong / There's a Reason / Whitewashed / The Nadir / Debts / On Our Own / Someday Darling / Golden Fleece / Six Hours / St. Anthony / The Devil's Arms / A Hard Rain / Lights On / Empire Central / Valley of Gold / Seek Cover / Like Secrets Beneath / On the Lam / Cedar / Shine a Light

SET 2: Bad Television / Marie / You'll Be Crying Soon / Seasons / Trouble From the Start / Cinnamon Girl / Walk On / I Come From the Water / Glory Son / Alex Chilton / It's Gonna Be Alright / Lightning in a Bottle / Ambivalent Farewells / Shotgun Wedding / Lights On (encore)

Oh yeah photos of the show...from Fritz's mobile device...

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Anonymous melanie said...

last night was great fun! thank you all so much for the birthday singing :)

01 July, 2009 11:42  
Anonymous scott said...

yeah man mine wasn't a button up either. i was about to give that guy a knockin' as soon as i wasn't busy rockin'. but his ill intentions were lackin' so i was cutting him some slackin'. if you get my drift. anyway, this was definitely the best toad night of all toad nights, i say. and all toad nights have been good toad nights. rip toad month

01 July, 2009 19:50  
Blogger Chris said...

dudes ruled.

02 July, 2009 07:28  

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