Wednesday, July 22, 2009

P-town bound

So, the rumors are true. Scott lost his passport bungee-jumping in New Zealand (it's part of his new "world-traveler" image), but he is back in America, and back in Boston tonight. Just in time for the Provincetown festival this weekend.

After a host of problems on our end (not necessarily the festival problems I detailed here, but lodging falling through), I finally booked a place in P-town today. So we should be set, which is a huge relief. Actually, a number of things are dovetailing right now in a satisfactory turn...
- The fall tour is picking up steam, as we figure out what route would be best. Already a few hard to book southern spots are coming together.
- We have the Toad residency again in September, which can serve as a pre-CD release-CD release. Meaning, we can wait on the big show, but still let our friends buy up the tunes (and have a CD out in time for the fall tour). I have holds at a couple bigger venues for later in the fall, and we are still awaiting word on a couple shows in October.
- I am in serious talks with two designers on the CD artwork, so hopefully I'll get a draft of their ideas next week.
- We should be getting the second master in the mail today. Unfortunately, Todd takes an extended sabbatical to Canada for some fishing, so we will have to wait to stamp our approval until he returns Monday. There may be a substitution of "Glory Son" for "Shotgun Wedding." We shall see how everyone responds.

Finally, my old acoustic guitar finally got a pick-up added. Good. Because I'll need it in Provincetown tomorrow. I'll update after a whale of a weekend.

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Anonymous Steven said...

No offense to Glory Son, but I will fight to keep Shotgun Wedding.

22 July, 2009 11:28  
Anonymous glenn said...

with all due respect to your opinion, which you are entitled to (and is surely one a few folks share), i am far more thrilled that this may be the first time you've signed a post using your real name.

22 July, 2009 11:31  
Anonymous Mike said...

Wow. A lot going on that I hadn't heard about. Guess I'm out of the loop.

23 July, 2009 13:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell that kid to keep his passport in his pants next time!

26 July, 2009 15:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah! cool! tell him!!!!!11111!!! to do that! next time!!!!!!

26 July, 2009 20:34  

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