Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beach vacation

All I've been working on lately is the proper way to roll out this record -- tour, release show, etc. But CD release plans be damned, let's talk about the immediate future!

A lot of folks have taken notice to our participation in the Provincetown Rocks Festival at the end of this month, and the fact that it may be going down the toilet fast. We've been slated to do this thing for over a year, as Martin, who is putting it together, came to me very early in the game asking about it. Why not? We have nothing else going on in Provincetown. I mean, even if this thing is a disaster, and it might be, we'll probably still have fun. And play a show...maybe. Though we're scheduled to do three. I see it as low risk, potentially decent reward (a good time at the beach, no harm done). Anyhow, he shocked everyone by announcing Presidents of the United States would be headlining every night, then went through promoting it, then abruptly, they were gone. We always wondered if the PUSA thing was legit. We'll never know the full story, but hey, the intrepid reporting of The Herald's Michael Marotta brings us the tale from both Martin and PUSA:

But last month the Presidents got the boot. According to a posting Doyle left on a local message board, he wanted to streamline the festival and make it more locally focused.

"I axed the Presidents because I didn't get the sponsorships I needed," Doyle said in a phone conversation yesterday. "I had to make a decision, and in this economy I couldn't charge $75 a ticket."

The Presidents, however, are still waiting for an explanation.

"He's been unresponsive to us," said David Meinert, the Presidents' manager. "All we know is that he canceled the Presidents' show June 11 out of the blue, but kept the band in the ads for several weeks following, which we are definitely disturbed about."

And while that may be some seedy doings there, it doesn't shake me up too much. There's a good mention of us, which is always nice, though it's in the wake of other bands losing faith (and with just cause)...

The festival still boasts a meaty lineup with Cassavettes, the Neighborhoods, Magic Magic, Logan 5 and the Runners, the New Alibis, Muck and the Mires, Lovewhip, Blood Stained Brindle, Midatlantic, Aloud, the Crushing Low, the Bon Savants and many more.

Several bands reached for this story declined to speak on the record about the festival, but sources said there have been disputes about band payouts, hotel accommodations and logistics.

Because we know Martin fairly well, and Creamer has a long history with him, I will tell you what I know, or rather, what I expect. We have re-confirmed with him this week, since our set times/locations/dates have consistently shape-shifted over the past couple months. Our sticking point is that we want to play with The Neighborhoods, which they have reiterated to Martin as well, so I fully expect that to happen otherwise I WILL be mad. And our guarantee is still intact. All of this is in writing, just in case, which still may not be totally reassuring, but again, it's low-risk. The thing could always turn out just fine, and I'll say one thing to that point: we had the lowest of expectations at the April preview of this festival in Provincetown, and we all remember how that turned out, right? It shows that all this concern may be needless. Or, whatever, beach vacation.

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Speaking of beach vacation... i need to go on one soon before the summer comes to an end!
-Jack @ Best Family Winter Vacations

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