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First things first, I know it's been awhile and I've missed many an update. But some things are happening, starting with our nomination in the Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll for "Best Roots Band." You can cast your vote for us (against the likes of Girls Guns & Glory, Dennis Brennan, and Session Americana) by clicking here. Vote many times, if you wish.

Last night, we went to the BMP pre-party at the Middle East Downstairs, and I bumped into FNX DJ Dave Virr. I asked him if he has something to do with the nominations, and he nodded vigorously. Standing next to my buddy Emeen (of The Sterns fame, but more recently his own excellent Emeen Z Band), I said, "Then, what's the deal with the snub for my man Emeen?" He said, "he didn't put anything out this year." Neither did we, I thought, unless you count "Animal Friends." And, as Scott said, was that a "roots" album? Not to sound ungrateful, just a tidbit of our conversation.

Anyhow, I know it's been awhile since I wrote (almost a month!) but truth is, not much has happened, at least show-wise, since then. We played The Dive again, and the summer is taking its toll on the crowd SHOCKINGLY, and we played the halftime show of the Boston Derby Dames, a women's roller derby league. I didn't know much about the sport, but it is interesting to watch. Very aggressive. Matt's eyes almost fell out of his skull (to join Creamer's eyes, already on the floor) watching the gals in tiny shorts. Those are my boys. Either way, first set was a bit awkward but some kids danced. Second set, we were definitely in the swing of things and got some older dancers, and some kids, and sold a decent amount of merch. The place was a Shriner's club and had all sorts of bizarre knick-knacks, including a giant camel onstage and a giant beanpot backstage (that Creamer wanted his photo with -- I'll see if he'll send for me to post). It was a pretty surreal experience, actually.

Anyhow, now Mike is in Texas, and the band is getting ready to start a month FULL of shows, including a Tuesday night residency at Toad. We must learn to play quiet. Or reasonably quiet. Just keep our stage volume in check. It's harder than you think, especially to keep the energy up. Anyhow, by the end of this month, we should be old pros. While Mike is in Texas, I'm doing a solo show for the Weekly Dig's Harpoon Summer Session this Saturday. I did an interview with the paper (again, labeled as a "country" band -- what gives? -- even though I explained that we never really were one, and certainly aren't now), that is here (you have to download the PDF since they haven't posted the stories online as links -- we are on pages 24 and 29). Here is my clearing the air of the "country" label, the only big highlight (besides the fact that I appear shirtless on the cover and inside the article -- and a special appearance by Todd Thibaud!):

“Country is a dangerous word,” says Yoder. “If you’re talking new-Nashville country, then that’s a very singular sound. In the popular viewpoint, it’s going to be misinterpreted. Then, if you throw in the alt-country tag, that’s such a wide spectrum of music at this point that it could mean anything.” Yoder and his bandmates in Cassavettes have a different story arc. “As this band progressed, we turned into this much more straight-ahead version of rock music. We love country and all that alt-country stuff, but it’s not really us.” Cassavettes have even been recording their latest record with David Minehan (The Neighborhoods, Paul Westerberg)—a good fit, considering the Minneapolitan energy of their live shows.

Also, I did an interview with a blog in Dallas, so hopefully that gets posted soon. He asked to post "Shotgun Wedding," because (warning: explicit description follows): "That's song's rockin'. It sounds like a buncha bears rape-fighting some lions in a guitar center. Great job." Definitiely the most obscene label I've ever encountered for our music -- and worlds away from "country" or "roots."

That's about all I've got today. Vote for us in the Best Music Poll and tell your friends, if you so desire.

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Blogger Ruby Khan said...

Thanks for playing the Boston Derby Dames bout. Most of us are too busy skating or working to really focus on the music, but we really appreciate the extra energy and good tunes!

04 June, 2009 09:45  

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