Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mission control

It's tough to muster the time or energy for blogging these days, so maybe I should reconsider the mission of this blog. Initially, I had hoped for it to be a window to the band, but I've found that to be exceedingly difficult due to the constraints of time and the issues of secrecy. In this objective, I definitely failed you. I also like the idea of it being a running breakdown of shows we've played, little memories I don't want to forget, that kind of thing. In that respect, I would still like to keep it up, even if I've slacked for weeks and missed a number of shows. I will still do my best to keep the recountings coming, and I apologize in advance for any lax attitude toward that goal.

We've done the Dive since, and gotten this nice write-up... at least about our song titles... "They have a song called “Shotgun Wedding,” which is a phrase I love." Me too.

We also played Groton, Conn., and witnessed the single strangest near hook-up I think I've ever seen. Just flabbergasting. And Matt and Scott ate ribs, courtesy of our resident rapper Jimmy's wife. Finally, we all took a little vacay down to Virginia Beach, where the Shiner flowed like wine, and missed a Dewey Beach show en route.

And we've got a couple shows this weekend, as Scott skids back from Texas with just hours to spare: Friday at Johnny D's (which I've long wanted to play) and Saturday at Copperfield's for a private party.

Also, two quick shout-outs: Happy birthday to our little drummer boy Matt Snow yesterday, as he turned the ripe old age of 25; also, congrats to the fellas from The Luxury for winning the WBCN Rumble this year. Them's good boys.

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