Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Good vibrations

A bit of press (surprisingly) came from the two shows last week -- Taste of the Nation at the Hynes Convention Center and the show at the Vixen in Provincetown. Local blog Bostonist reviewed the food show, and gave Cassavettes a thumbs up. Check it out (this via Chris)...

Behind the din of clanging pans, sizzling food, and people having a great time were the melodies of Cassavettes, a young Boston-based band. The band was up on a stage at the back of the convention hall and surrounded by, well, food coma tables. You could see people drifting in and out of seats throughout the night, pausing to enjoy the music and contemplate if they had reached the limits of their stomachs. The addition of live music to this event made it extra special and the band was really a great choice, their upbeat music kept the crowds awake and flowing throughout the evening.

To make matters even better, a DJ from the Provincetown radio station WOMR liked the band and gave us some spins on Sunday night. He wrote an email to the promoter, "I really dug CASSAVETTES they were sure some good jingle jangle power pop. I played them on Sunday night's show. All good stuff." We should definitely look into doing an in-studio thing there when we go back for the festival this July with Presidents of the United States of America.

Finally, best of all, I completed my taxes last night. Thanks to the married one-two punch of Mr. and Mrs. Motion Sick/Blitzkrieg Bliss for their kind advice!

Want to win tickets to see us play with Superdrag and Aberdeen City in Brooklyn this weekend at the Music Hall of Williamsburg? All you have to do is ask bass player Tom Pappas a really good question. Click here for details.

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Blogger Pam said...

Ann, who wrote the Bostonist piece, and I were the ones who sat at the table with you for a little bit and chatted. I was really happy to see (and hear) you playing for the night, and you really did help keep the whole place moving.

09 April, 2009 12:47  
Anonymous glenn said...

ah, well, thank you pam (and ann)! if memory serves, you were the gals who recognized us from the kings of leon show? thanks very much for the kind words!

09 April, 2009 13:16  

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