Monday, April 06, 2009

Back in action

My blogging has really taken a hit lately. For one, I have not done a great job with set list archiving (which is the bread and butter of the blog). For another, I just haven't blogged much. Well, I'll try to be better, but in these rocky times for my place of employment, it may be tough to find the time. That said...

We played two shows over the last few days, one of them a three-set barnburner at the Hynes Convention Center for Taste the Nation, a restaurant-sampling event, and the other a better-than-expected show in Provincetown. The restaurant show was delicious, which you can't say about many shows. We ate our way through a couple of those sets, as some kind souls brought us various pastries onstage. Between sets, we roved table to table, sampling wines and barbecue and all sorts of good stuff. It finally gave me a chance to taste Blue Ribbon BBQ and Jake's Dixie Roadhouse, and put them plate-to-plate with Redbones BBQ. I'm proud to say Redbones still emerged the winner, which is satisfying to know that all my time spent there hasn't been for naught. We were paid in food, in the biggest way possible, and we literally rolled out of the gig. All in all, pretty darn tasty.

The strange thing about this Provincetown show was that we went in with fairly low expectations and came out with rave reviews, thanks to some 11th hour repositioning. A beach show on a rainy Saturday night out of season? Things didn't look good from the get-go, save some fun airhockey action beforehand. But by the time we went onstage -- actually, the MOMENT we took the stage -- signs of life sprang forth from the room, first in small cheers, then larger ones. Eventually, it was an all-out dance party, with some leg-lifting action among the frontline of Mike, Scott, and I (there was a cool rise to the front of the stage, where we could prop up our legs). The crowd was feeling it so much that the lead singer of the headliners asked us to do another song, which we were more than happy to deliver. It felt good. By the time headliners and all-around cool dudes Squidda took the stage, people were in party mode and dancing like I've never really witnessed. For measure, Scott's moves fit in fine amongst the locals.
SET LIST: Ordinary Girls / Lights On / Don't Get Me Wrong / Golden Fleece / Madeline / Cedar / I Come From the Water / Shine a Light / Shotgun Wedding

Anyhow, big shows this weekend with big names: Superdrag. Aberdeen City. Mic Harrison & The High Score. It's going to be nuts. There's a chance that we'll pull out a BIG surprise. No confirmation yet, though. Just make sure you don't miss it.

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