Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Review roundup

From this month's Noise magazine (which has historically been hot and cold on us) comes this review of Rodfest, which actually has very little to say about our set, beyond that we shared a backline. Good stuff on Three Day and Rogue Heroes, though, and a nice picture of Kier.
After host Ric Gill, clad in full baby costume regalia, gets things going, Cassavettes take the stage with their mix of Replacements via Fastball garage rock. They set the tone of the night with signs of things to come, equipment wise. The downside of a show with many bands is often not enough time to get everything tested. All night there are broken drumheads, strings and amps, just about every band is delayed, but it doesn’t seem to kill the enthusiasm at all.

Scroll a little further down, and you'll find a review of my CD release show from the Lizard Lounge in January. This one is a bit more detailed -- and quite nice! Then again, it's a Kier special.
The Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
It’s a beautiful thing when a band just gets up on stage and with their first song, they completely captivate you. Tonight, Glenn Yoder and his boys do just that. One song in and I’m practically knocked right off my barstool. Ten songs, a plate of delicious pepper jack covered sliders later (with some curly fries from the bar menu, of course), I’m still hooked. Glenn’s band is essentially a four piece that plays a mix of Americana that is sort of along the lines of the Jayhawks before they got poppy. Sometimes Glenn tones it way down and brings in guests like singer Sarah Blacker on backing harmonies, which gives the music a sensitive Joan Baez folk rock feel. At other times, the band explodes with playful energy. It’s at those times that Glenn especially reminds me of a young Paul Westerberg. Coincidentally, just as Westerberg did with the Replacements, Glenn is exploring a solo career and branching off from Cassavettes, his main band. There doesn’t seem to be much tension between the boys however, as Glenn’s Cassavettes bandmates look on proudly, even jumping up and joining in for a few songs. It shows some real class and support for their friend and fellow musician. Overall, it’s a great night of music. (Kier Byrnes)

Not too bad! Finally, as an add-on, Kier just sent me another review for my solo CD from What's Up magazine, coming out in a couple weeks.
GLENN YODER – Okono Road
Glenn Yoder is one of those guys who just know how to write a good tune. Combining the right parts of catchy, captivating and melodic, Glenn has proven himself as a quality songsmith. This isn’t big news to anyone who’s ever heard of the Boston by way of Texas band, Cassavettes, Glenn’s main project. Glenn’s solo debut is outstanding and while he may not take the listener to the same places as he does with his band, where he does bring you is an amazing journey unto itself. The music is a bit folkier, and at times a bit softer and rootsier but the result is an intimate look into the soul of a musician. Well done sir, well done.

Pretty sweet.

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