Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Luck of the Irish

I'm feeling more Irish than ever this year, which is quite rare. I don't really take an active interest in my Irish heritage, you see, and at the risk of sounding horribly naive, I'm just not all that interested in that particular culture or section of my past. I know I should be. For one, TD is pretty darn Irish (not to mention a good swath of my maternal side of the family). And yes, country music is directly derived from Irish folk. I'm not saying it's all bad or that I strongly dislike it. I just don't seek it out, like I would with other cultures, particularly ones I studied in college. It's just not something I connect with very much, even if I minored in history (although it was African-American history). But for whatever reason, this year, the Irish side of me got its due.

Not only did we attend the Southie St. Patrick's Day parade on Sunday for the first time in years (usually, we can't go because it directly coincides with the week of SXSW, and given my pick, you know where my allegiance lies), but Kier from Three Day Threshold organized the Irish Lads to play some tunes for a packed house of revelers at The Asgard last night. I was hesitant, and almost didn't make it. But I'm glad I went. I told Kier to get Mike in on this, as he is the Cassavette with the most exuberance for the Irish culture (though Matt's beard may argue otherwise). I'm sure glad that happened, because I got a drunken call from Mike at 4 p.m., yes, 4 P.M., yelling "Hey man, THIS IS SO FUN!!!" I showed up an hour later, he was leaned over the table, playing an unplugged (and thus un-audible) guitar and knocking back Guinness. He also was talking a lot into the microphone about the name The Irish Lads and how his microphone was hot, but he's been a "Hot Mike all my life." I was cracking up. Quite a sight to behold. All in good fun, and the spirit of the day. It's always good to get out and play with some musicians outside your inner circle, so for that, I am most grateful. Kier is a fun guy to watch interact with the audience, although he seemed stressed most of the night. Then again, when you're doing a four-hour gig with an unrehearsed group, wouldn't you be?

Anyhow, along with the parade on Sunday, we spent the weekend with our buddy Jaclyn, and somehow fit in a long night at the Dive Bar on Friday and a recording session with Todd on Monday. The Dive Bar was fun, as always, if not a thinner crowd than usual. No disappointment on our end, though, as we had a good time (including dusting off two Neil covers, "Walk On" and "Cinnamon Girl"). The recording went smooth on Monday, too, but now we just need to figure out a couple final details before mixing on April 13 and 14. For now, all we can do is chill. That's why TD and I are headed to the beach this weekend for a much-needed escape from the wintry doldrums. Maybe I'll look further into my Irish heritage while there -- though this week has given me plenty to chew on.

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