Sunday, March 01, 2009

Four-finger discount

Four, not five. Scott got a nice dislocation on Friday, hours before we were set to play at the Lizard Lounge. I went for an aggressive block during a particularly heated game of basketball, and turned Scott's pinky in a mangled Z. Despite my father telling me to pop it into place myself as he used to do to us, we decided to go to the ER, in case there was a fracture (there wasn't, we found out six hours later). Nonetheless, Scott has been a major trooper this weekend, playing back-to-back nights with a giant splint on his finger (the first night he tried buddy taping the finger to his ring finger, but gave up on that idea on Saturday). Either way, he reports that he is playing at about 85 percent with the dislocated pinky, which is certainly impressive.

The first night at the Lizard Lounge was a bizarre show. On stage, it felt as if no one cared to hear us at all, despite a nearly full capacity room. There was very little applause, and only scattered dancing. It was pretty hard to get into. Oddly enough, upon finishing we found that a large group from Chicago had come to see the show after seeing us years back at the Kings of Leon show and they were SO enthusiastic (and requested two last minute songs, which we played). Furthermore, people legitimately seemed to enjoy the show, which is nice to hear. I didn't, and I couldn't get myself into it for the life of me. Matt contends we played well; I'm going to say it was one of our sloppier performances in awhile. Poor stage presence too, but as Mike said, it's hard to jump around when the ceiling is just a foot above your head. All in all, as much as I like the Lizard Lounge, I am furthered convinced it is the wrong room for us. We're too loud, it's a strange shape (more of a listening room than a dancing, party room), and I should have seen that from the start. The only reason we booked that was because this was supposed to be a show trade with bands from New London, New Haven, and Northampton, and I figured there wouldn't be much pressure at the Lizard because of the small capacity, and our ability to draw there. I figured they wouldn't have a problem with three out-of-town bands on board (and most other clubs would). However, due to a miscommunication, the bands from Northampton and New Haven didn't even know about it. So, a two-band bill it was, and it worked out just fine. The New Londers, who go by Gone for Good, did a fine job and later slept here at the house. The next night, we got to hang with them in New London.
SET LIST: A Hard Rain / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Madeline / Lights On / Don't Get Me Wrong / Golden Fleece / Someday Darling / There's a Reason / Ordinary Girls / Whitewashed / On the Lam / Seek Cover / Research Blvd / Nothing From You / Cedar / I Come From the Water / Shotgun Wedding / The Nadir / Debts / Shine a Light

Ah, New London. Always a good time. So strange. This time, Pat (our notorious stage-flipping friend) brought out some new Coast Guard folks to share a 24-inch pizza with us, including a dude named Jimmie and his son. Jimmie lived in San Antonio, and despite being a Spurs fan, he was about the coolest dude we've ever met. He used to rap, so we brought him up to do a rap in "Seek Cover." It actually sounded pretty cool. He was knocking it down. Afterward, he was really pumped up and kept telling me, "you guys are phenomenal. And I know phenomenal. I once had a song called 'Phenomenal." Phenomenal means, 'GAAAAWWWD DAMMMMNNN. HEEEEELLLLL YEEEESSS." Like I said, a really cool dude. Pat flipped off the stage again, and this time, no one caught him. He's probably pretty sore today. Scott also took a fall, into Matt's drums. Amazingly, it was captured in one of the below photos. Other than that, it was just a good time hanging with Naughty Mike and some other friends, and taking in some real New London culture. That's a GOOD night. I'm trying to get Sean to give us March 14 at The Oasis, so we can fill up our final weekend in March. Other than that date, we're playing every Friday or Saturday (except the 20-21, when I'll be out of town). So we're keeping busy.

SET LIST: Ordinary Girls / Lights On / Don't Get Me Wrong / Golden Fleece / Someday Darling / On the Lam / Seek Cover (w/ Jimmie rapping) / Nothing From You / Cedar / I Come From the Water / Shotgun Wedding / Shine a Light

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