Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Visualize it

Photos are now posted for the last couple months of shows, including time in the studio the first weekend and the second weekend, The Dive Bar (where we'll be playing again this Friday and next Friday), my solo CD release party, Rodfest, and a whole lot more. Check them out, foolz.

Cassavettes is back in the studio for mixing (fingers crossed) this weekend, and playing at The Dive, as mentioned, on Friday. It was a last minute, do a favor kind-of-thing as of moments ago, and I haven't run it by the dudes yet. But considering I know that everyone has work off to mix this weekend, I figured it wouldn't be an issue. I am also doing a solo thing Thursday night at The High Street Grill in North Andover. Possibly a Todd Thibaud appearance? We'll see.

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