Thursday, February 05, 2009

Two compliments I don't want to soon forget

Both are sort of quirky to me, they are rebuttals of what could otherwise be perceived as a compliment -- or a knock on the music.

The first one comes from my friend/college roommate Tim. I was telling him how an old acquaintance we both know came out to the show on Saturday night. The guy was all about it, really enthusiastic, and said to me, "You guys have come a long way!" I took this as a compliment. Tim, being the conspiracy theorist he is, thought this might have been an unintentional dig, like "Wow, you guys actually can play, I thought you sucked for the longest time." Tim's reasoning, and where his compliment comes in, is this: "You guys are always good, so I don't think of it as you coming a long way. I think, 'Wow, you were able to top the last effort, and keep writing good songs.'" This is why I love Tim.

The second compliment comes from a co-worker named Corey, who came out to see me play for the first time at my solo CD release show. His mere presence was astonishing, but I really like his review, which sounded quite genuine. "The CD is good, but for me, I was all about the live show," he said. Now, this is important for two reasons: 1) our live show is a work-in-progress with the solo band, so to hear that it was actually good, and better than an expensive CD process, is quite reassuring and 2) I usually feel the same way about acts I like. Especially when the live show is a little dirty, and there's hiccups that add to it -- not necessarily detract. "There was something about it," he said. "The spontaneity?" I offered. "Yeah, man," he said, with a huge smile. "I dig that stuff. It sounds real." That just about made my day.

After work, I head to Todd's to finish some overdubs (hopefully) before playing a solo acoustic show for the dinner crowd at the High Street Grill in North Andover. Wish me luck, on both fronts.

And while we're reminiscing about Tim and college, for old time's sake, check out these photos TD just dug up from the archives. These are from December 2006, when "It's Gonna Change" was released. If you don't think the four of us (though Mike is curiously absent from these photos) have changed in the interim between albums, the proof is in the pudding. No lie.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

good pictures of everybody.
actually that first one of matt is pretty good, it makes me think "what's he doing?" and then i laugh.

05 February, 2009 11:27  

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