Friday, February 13, 2009

Rough and tumble

Tough set last night. It was our first time at the Atwoods, and it wasn't even supposed to be our gig, actually. I was supposed to do the solo thing, but working in a new guitar player and a new bass player, both of whom I'd never played with, was just too challenging. So, when the club wanted three hours of music (which would have been tough for the solo thing to pull off without a lot of acoustic stuff), I asked the guys in Cassavettes to play. All of them were free, and honestly, we need the money. BAD. So, anyway, stepping in at the last second, Cassavettes played the Atwoods, which is one of my favorite places to see music, but one of the more difficult for us to play. For one thing, we can't rock. And that's a problem. Matt did a good job keeping his volume down until we played "Seek Cover" and then when I tried to let him know he was creeping up louder, he got upset. So, it was that kind of night. It's hard to get the crowd into it when you can't get into it. I am having trouble singing with a huge cold, my guitar pedals are all messed up (both things need solutions before tonight at The Dive), and to make matters worse, the Mavericks blew a big lead over the Celtics -- although we couldn't watch it anyway.

SET LIST 1: The Nadir / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Research Blvd / Debts / The Devil's Arms / On the Lam / Whitewashed / Trouble From the Start / Madeline / Seek Cover / Golden Fleece / Valley of Gold

SET LIST 2: A Hard Rain / St. Anthony / Don't Get Me Wrong / Like Secrets Beneath / Someday Darling / Lights On / Six Hours / Shine A Light

Long weekend ahead, too: Show tonight until late. Band meeting tomorrow with Creamer, in which we'll clean out the space and go over some stuff in regards to the record and what not. Valentine's Day. Recording on Monday. It never ends, and why should it?

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