Friday, February 06, 2009

Rodfest in review

Well, you know we had fun at Rodfest. I'm glad to hear that the fine folks at Boston Music Spotlight did, too. In this review, they give us (and MOST of the other bands) some nice wordage.
Cassavettes were the first to take the stage and had the audience engaged from the first notes. The upbeat tempo and strong vocals of Glenn Yoder and Mike McCullagh had people dancing and singing along throughout their thirty-five minute set. The set featured new song "Seek Cover" which began with an interesting bassline from Scott Jones and later featured some impressive dancing from the bass player. The Cassavettes kept their energy high and didn't waste a lot of time between songs, which was a welcome change from the last time we saw them at the Paradise. They seemed to have an extra good time celebrating the birthday of the band that night and it made for a somewhat messy show but this time they turned things around and definitely brought their A-game to RodFest, transitioning seamlessly between songs and still managing to have fun. Closing out their set with songs like The Toadies' "I Come From The Water" and "Shine A Light" featuring Eric Austin of Three Day Threshold joining Matt Snow on dueling drum sets showed that while they are often categorized as "alt-country", these guys can certainly rock.

They make mention of having come to our July 5 Three-Year-Anniversary at The Paradise, which was pretty sloppy from a performance standpoint. We feel the same way, and I'm glad we were able to do it right this time. I still feel like I have to justify that performance to people sometimes, since so many folks came out that night that have never seen us before, and may never again. At least the BMS folks came back!

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