Monday, February 02, 2009

Landing on our feet

Oh my, Rodfest. Our third year was like those that preceded it -- filled with fun and wild antics. None wilder than a scene at the end of the night where Three Day Threshold closed with "It's Alright Now" and invited Mike and I to split a verse (video available via Exploit Boston). We did it, but Scott climbed on my shoulders onstage, where we proceeded to sway. However, he swayed the wrong way (forward) and flipped over my head into the drums. Nonetheless, after such a nasty spill and the room collectively holding its breath, he stood back up and gave a thumbs up and a HUGE smile.

Our set was well-received for the most part. Oddly enough, most of the comments I got were about how tight we sounded, when, in reality, we haven't practiced much as of late. I think the reason for this anomaly is two-fold: 1) We've been in the studio where you hear the individual parts better, and understand the songs more thoroughly -- and we've listened to the roughs a lot, and 2) We have been doing long sets at places like The Dive, which are intended to, and very well may be, tightening us up. Either way, I'll take it. We had a couple rough moments, like when Scott unplugged me, or when I started "I Come From the Water" and no one followed, or when my mic turned around, or, when we brought 3DT drummer Eric onstage to play a second drumset in a duel of the drums during "Shine a Light," and he was still adjusting to the song. But he got it, and the crowd loved it. They only got ear-splitting twice: After the dueling drum solos and during an earlier chant of "Matt Snow, Matt Snow, Matt Snow." They love the Big Red.

SET LIST: Lights On / Don't Get Me Wrong / Ordinary Girls / Golden Fleece / Seek Cover / Cedar / I Come From the Water / Shotgun Wedding / Shine a Light

After a late night, I flew solo in the studio yesterday. The other guys may have been a bit partied out from Rodfest, plus Mike and Matt had to work that evening. It actually was fairly productive. We had an incredible organ player stop by, who teaches at Berklee, and he laid down a few tracks. The key here is to make sure that anything he does isn't TOO good, really. We want it to still sound like the band, and not have another sound really stealing the show. But it definitely added a nice texture to a few of the tracks, and was well worth the reasonable price tag.

The real question from here on out is: Can we finish on time? It's looking fairly bleak at the moment, but we really just need to see what Todd can do at his home studio in the span of a few short days. Mixing starts (or is supposed to start) Friday and run through Monday. However, we've still got about nine harmony tracks to do (Mike will be doing most of his today, hopefully, and I'll try to get up there after work and knock mine out, too), some acoustic guitar (Todd will handle this, actually, as it is his "forte"), and some general adjustments. Most of the main vocals are in good shape, with the exception of "Nothing From You," which I gave an entire re-write since the original vocal was cut. The words were too, too bad (hey, it happens). I couldn't live with them. So, now it's more to the point and fits the music. I wrote them all in the studio yesterday and cut a fresh track, but might take another pass when the words sink in a bit more. But again, it all begs the question: Will we finish on time? I think it's still possible.

I'll take you out with some pre-Rodfest-related press clips...
Boston Music Spotlight (and again here): "Cassavettes, also good friends of ours who have had tons of success," continues Kier. ... Great bands for a great cause. Catch all of Boston's alt/country/bluegrass/honky tonk/rock favorites in one place as Three Day Threshold, Rogue Heroes, Girls Guns and Glory, Cassavettes and more take to the Paradise stage to raise money for scholarships in honor of Gregory Rodney Moynahan. A no-brainer pick for just $15 in advance or $20 at the door.
The Patriot Ledger/Taunton Gazette: The year’s Rodfest lineup will include Three Day Threshold – just back from another boffo European tour; Scituate’s own gift to country-rock, Girls Guns and Glory; that half-Boston, half-Texas band of alt-country dudes The Cassavettes; the South Shore-based rockers Rogue Heroes playing their last show ever; popular local club rockers Forgetful Jones; and an opening acoustic segment featuring South Shore rockers Shay’s Rebellion; hot young Scituate band 16 On Center; and the Hingham duo of Colin and Kyle Toomey.
Exploit Boston: Cassavettes' Texas folk? (Do they mean, we are Texan or the music is? Also, they call GGG, Girls Guns & GORY, which should be their Halloween name)
Boston Band Crush
The Phoenix
The Boston Globe

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Anonymous melanie said...

i don't believe you played madeleine because i was specifically listening for it. maybe i'm crazy though.

02 February, 2009 14:38  
Anonymous scott said...

nah melanie you're right, we switched it with don't get me wrong somewhat spur of the moment.

02 February, 2009 17:13  
Anonymous glenn said...

ah yeah, thats right. i was looking at my set list, but we decided to go more rock. i will fix.

03 February, 2009 07:16  
Anonymous fritz said...

bummer. sorry i missed rodfest because of the massachusetts film office party that same night :-[

04 February, 2009 03:13  
Anonymous glenn said...

oh well, thanks for letting us know the full name of the event, anyway.

04 February, 2009 05:56  
Blogger literating said...

Is Scott dressing up like a man baby in that picture?

04 February, 2009 12:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott's just trying to impersonate what Benjamin Button should have looked like near the end of his life.

I mean if he was born as a baby-sized old man, why didn't he die as an old man-sized baby?

Scott was protesting the Benjamin Button Oscar nominations by demonstrating the inaccuracy.

04 February, 2009 22:05  
Anonymous scott said...

i was doing real-life benjamin button fan fiction.

04 February, 2009 22:15  

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