Sunday, February 08, 2009

How's it hit your ears?

Back in the studio. Today's songs: Lights On, Madeline, and Golden Fleece. Everything strikes me as pretty damn good. I also shoveled out the basketball court next door and got to shoot some hoops for the first time in a month or two. So, all in all, a pretty good day.

As far as the music, I'm really surprised how much everything is rocking me. I think that oftentimes when you're in the studio, you get excited at the prospect of the songs sounding better than normal, and being close to the end. Then only later does the warm and fuzzy feeling wear off and you start to despise the work. Surprisingly, that's already happening with my solo CD, which I was pumped up about longer than any recording I'd ever done previously. But most musicians I talk to have only a few of their old albums that they can truly be proud of, or even listen to. I know Cassavettes has yet to make one of those, at least for me personally. But this may be it, unless my ears deceive me, which is always a possibility in the studio.

Either way, I think my prevailing thoughts on the record so far is that this rock sound is just so much more comfortable for us than our previous attempts at alt-country or what have you. It's really crazy. I mean, yes, individually we've gotten better musically (hopefully) and are better at listening to each other (big hopeful), but this is just such a natural, comfortable place for our music that it sometimes feels too easy. Not that this record has been easy; it's been a lot of work. And a lot of money. We are running far over budget now, and I lost my beans yesterday over some lack of reliability to get the cash after a forewarning, which means I'll have to find some more money somewhere. Where that is, I don't know. Perhaps just squeeze my paycheck big time. Empty a savings account I've had since I was little (already emptied most of it). That kind of thing. But truth is, it sounds to me like it's worth it.

I've also tried to finish the booking of this tour. It's pretty tough, but if I can just get Norman, OK, Chicago, and possibly State College, PA, I think we'll be in fine shape. The rest takes care of itself. Still need a couple openers for tentative gigs, but I asked Mike to handle that and he's doing a fine job, even if most of the bands don't respond.

Let's see, other news: Last-minute gig at The Dive on Friday. It went well enough, a little light in the loafers through the first set, but a fairly rock-solid (no pun intended) second set. If only I could remember the sets.

SET 1: Ordinary Girls / You'll Be Crying Soon / Madeline / Don't Get Me Wrong / Lights On / The Devil's Arms / Marie / The Nadir / Research Blvd / St. Anthony / Seek Cover / Debts / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Nothing From You / Whitewashed / On the Lam

SET 2: A Hard Rain / Valley of Gold / Golden Fleece / Trouble From the Start / Someday Darling (extended jam) / Cedar / Shotgun Wedding / I Come From the Water / Shine a Light (feat. PJ on guitar)

Finally, if you feel like nominating us for your favorite local rock band in the Boston Phoenix readers' poll (which we won a few years back), here's your chance. Click here and go to the arts & entertainment category for best rock band. There, type Cassavettes. Watch your spelling now, you hear?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man no one told me there were any plans to play in Norman. This guy that works at the newspaper with me is in some band and plays around here all the time. If you need some help booking a show I could ask him about it.

IF you need help.

- Steven

08 February, 2009 21:24  
Anonymous glenn said...

hey steven,
yeah, im trying to set up shows wherever we can 1) draw a few folks out and 2) possibly have a place to stay. hence, OU would be a good fit, as it's halfway between austin and kansas city. joe told me to try the deli, and ive been working that angle hard with absolutely no success. im still hopeful i'll get them on the phone, but of course, any help is very appreciated. please check with your buddy, and if we can team up with a local that's EVEN better. the date we're looking for is kind of tricky, it's a sunday, march 22. give me a call when you get a chance, brostein.

09 February, 2009 08:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I talked to him yesterday and he wrote it down and said he'd be looking into it. I bet he'll forget so I'll stay on him a bit.

11 February, 2009 13:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I talked to him yesterday and he wrote it down and said he'd be looking into it. I bet he'll forget so I'll stay on him a bit.

11 February, 2009 13:39  
Anonymous glenn said...

you are the king. thanks for checking it out. also, feel free to post under a non-anonymous name, like steven. or a pseudonym, if steven doesn't work for you. something like kingrolla.

11 February, 2009 13:49  

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