Sunday, February 15, 2009

The hard part

Most depressing part of canceling this tour: How long it took to book it -- and how short it took to cancel it.

For perspective, I started putting this together in late November, got slightly busy in December, and then really hit it hard in January. I was making calls and sending emails as recently as earlier this week. But it only took about 10 minutes to draft an apology to all the clubs and send it out. Dang.

Anyhow, on to sunnier matters, tomorrow I'm working an EARLY shift (OK, that's not a sunny matter), then going straight to Todd's place to finish some vocal recording. Wednesday through Friday we are finishing the initial mixes, so it's really the last minute. I'm still dealing with a brutal cold that made singing nearly impossible on Thursday and Friday at The Atwoods and The Dive, so it might be a struggle. I'm going to sleep soon to the All-Star game, so hopefully I can beat this thing before recording some vocals. Otherwise you might hear some flemmy hacking on the record. It'll be "experimental."

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Anonymous scott said...

if you cough too much we can always put the megaphone vocal effect on those tracks...would sound cool.

19 February, 2009 07:09  
Blogger Michael Epstein said...

This may sound silly (I think it does), but we're still trying to fill some dates around SXSW. If it's useful to you (or the venues), we may actually be available to step in and do shows that now have an open slot. Just let us know if that sounds like it would be useful for keeping on good terms with the venues, etc.

22 February, 2009 19:34  

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