Saturday, February 14, 2009

Big, logical bummer

Well, so much for the tour. For the last few days, I've been taking the temperature on whether it's actually feasible for us to go down to Texas next month (hell, I already have it off work, so it looked pretty darn certain). But it's just not. We can't afford it. And it's smarter to stay put and really make sure this record is everything that it can be.

Without a product to push and a guaranteed SXSW showcase (we still may get one, though we'll likely withdraw soon), it's fairly pointless to me. Yes, it would be cool to play a giant venue in Nashville with our idols Superdrag (but then again, we're playing back to back dates with them in April). Yes, it would be cool to play a huge hometown show in Dallas (that's really the biggest show I'll miss). And it would be good to see all those friends and family, of course. But it's not fiscally responsible. I can't find a way to rationalize going on this tour, especially with us being knee-deep in this record, me personally now being ridiculously in debt from this record and my project (everyone's hurting), and with only two shows that would really be worth playing at this point. It just doesn't add up. Plus, the van probably needs work before we hit the road and put 5,000-7,500 more miles on it, which obviously I can't afford. Everyone's hard up for cash. Matt's strung so thin, he hasn't been able to put in a dime for the record yet. How's he (how would any of us?) going to live for a month on the road, especially when we're not making guaranteed money or have anything in reserve? After conversations with Creamer, Todd, and Jeremy, I figure it's best to just stay here, and finish this record the RIGHT WAY, which is what those three have been preaching all along. It just seems foolish to rush it now, especially with it being such a huge (and currently uncertain) financial commitment. So, that's how we reached this decision. Luckily, everyone took it pretty well, and actually there was a sense of relief in the band, since I think everyone has been quietly scratching their heads as to how this was going to go down.

We'll stay here and keep playing Worcester (played there last night, just doesn't seem right to talk about it when this is a far bigger issue), Boston, and other areas to build up some cash, and really make sure this record puts us over the top. When we have a product to push, and are in the right place to do it, we'll hit the road in earnest. In the meantime, we'll keep building on the homefront.

I'm sorry we won't be able to see you all back in Texas, Nashville, DC, Kansas City, and more next month. I was really looking forward to seeing Shaela's newborn baby, to playing Rubber Gloves, and to Nashville. But unfortunately, we can't afford it. This tour would have been more about fun than about the future, when touring is really supposed to be about the future and building an audience. Those things will come, as we do this right. It's coming. I promise, as best I can.

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Anonymous Mike said...

Yeah, man. As I told you guys, the fact that there is no logical argument against cancelling the tour is the part that stings the most. I just really REALLY want to do it, which is financially foolish. I don't know, it's a huge bummer, though. It really sucks to think about not going out on the road until the summer at the earliest. I understand the logistics, and I agree that it's the best course of action, but I would not say that I felt any kind of relief. I expected we'd run out of money. I always run out of money, and I always pull something together eventually. Running out of money isn't really a big deal to me right now, it's part of my daily existence.

I'm just afraid of sitting around here, playing tiny little fundraisers until September and just stagnating until the record comes out. I guess you could say I'm still torn on the issue, but I have to concede to what's right for the band, and that's staying put and paying off the debt.

In conclusion, this sucks BAD, but them's the breaks. That's my two cents, I guess.

14 February, 2009 12:55  
Anonymous glenn said...

first of all, sorry to respond in writing, rather than in person, but i figured this is an open forum, and good for transparency's sake. that said, i would make the argument that these "fundraisers" -- by which im guessing you mean the dive and possibly a local residency -- are probably still bigger crowds (definitely better money) and more enjoyable than most of the shows we would have ended up playing on this tour. not only will we put some cash away, but we wont be pissing cash away by playing to no one every night without even a new record to sell (when i initially started booking the tour, it was under the premise that the record would be finished by then, but that was a foolish notion, and i take full blame for that). at the right time, we will do this the right way. theres nothing wrong with having the patience to see this thing through properly. we could rush it out, and it could fall flat (but we've done that before). that's a recipe for spinning our wheels ever further. i believe in creamer, believe it or not, and i think he knows what's best in this situation. it does suck, but not as bad as i thought when the idea was first pitched to me. furthermore, the idea of the record coming out in september is by no means definite, that was just a proposition creamer brought up. we just have to take this one step at a time, and see what comes of the record and how it comes together. i dont think anyone is altogether happy, but it definitely sets us up for greater success, which is the overarching goal.

14 February, 2009 14:23  
Anonymous Mike said...

I know all that, Glenn. You have to understand that I wrote that yesterday directly after finding out about the whole deal. I've been thinking it over since then, and I am coming to realize that canceling in order to save money, finish the record, and then do both the right way is really the only viable option. I'm still disappointed that we won't be going on the tour, but I know that this is what's best for us right now.

I also believe Creamer knows what he's doing. If I didn't, I would have made an issue of it long ago. He's never lead us astray before, and I have no reason to doubt him now.
It's the patience that I'm having trouble with, and that's a personal flaw on my part. Even though we're in the middle of making our best record yet, I still get antsy just hanging around Boston. I suppose it's just tough to wait when you're raring to get up and go.
As far as you taking "full blame" for assuming the record could be done in just over a month's time, I think you're being hard on yourself. We all held out hope that we would be able to get it done in time.

Anyway, with a day's time to consider the situation at hand, I can see that staying in New England, making the record as good as it can be, and raising money for a proper go at the road is really the only responsible route to take. I apologize if I came off as whiny and unreasonable in my earlier comment, but as you said, this is an open forum, and I just wanted to put my initial take down on record.

We'll do this thang, man.

15 February, 2009 06:41  
Anonymous glenn said...

i dont think you sounded unreasonable. i understand it's definitely a weighty issue, and disagreement is what i expected. the fact that it went so well was somewhat surprising to me. but i think you are being logical and looking at the whole issue, like all of us. it's worth it in the end to give the issue its due.

15 February, 2009 15:45  

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