Monday, January 05, 2009

Wild side

Today is Scott's day under the microscope. I'm listening to him track "Shotgun Wedding" right this moment. So far he's knocked out everything with relative ease. Should he continue at this pace, it's possible we could try a couple maybe songs, including one or two I've written here at the studio. Unlikely, but possible.

Matt, believing his work is all done, showed up a couple hours late today. Actually, his work is done -- unless he does some percussion or we do another song, of course. He must feel good to be able to relax. But he always looks relaxed.

After today, we'll really have the basics down and can move onto to the work of Mike and I. That starts Thursday and runs through this weekend, with Saturday off. We're trying to nail down how long it'll take in total to do guitars and lead vocals. The rest can be done at Todd's house (mostly backup vocals and tweaks), before returning for mixing. So far, so good -- we're on track.

To get a preview of a song we're laying down but haven't released yet, you could consult this video by Casey from our holiday show a couple weeks back at Church, if you want poor quality and a hacked-up solo compliments of yours truly. But you do get to see Shiggins dance and Scott wear his hat.

Not too impressive, but a preview nonetheless.

To kill time in the studio, we've done all sorts of things: read the Onion, books, and whatever else is handy; talked about Uncle Harold Ramis and other nonsense; played the many instruments available; longed to play basketball on the snowed-over court next door; teased Todd; been teased by Todd; and talked nonstop about "Walk Hard." We've searched unsuccessfully for a few videos of classic SNL skits (Leevi's three-legged jeans; Tracy Morgan as Tito Jackson), but to no avail. If anyone can find them, please send them along. It would be of great help.

Also, just found this animation by Mike's wife Julie. Can't believe she never told me about this -- it's great! Still waiting for her project of a bear riding a bike through the seasons, set to (you guessed it) "Seasons." That's sweeeeet.

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Anonymous scott said...

haha the song sounds awful

05 January, 2009 17:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unca Harra (Ramo)

09 January, 2009 19:07  

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