Friday, January 09, 2009

The wall

You pay the price for seeking perfection. Quite literally, in this case. Two days into our second 4-day weekend at Woolly Mammoth and we're hitting the wall a bit. Not that the performances aren't good -- Mike has been playing quite well; I think it's me that's holding us back as we try to get the guitar jams going. But these things take time, and it's really taking A LOT of time. So much that I'm wondering if we'll get this record done in the allotted time. We have a fairly tight budget, but we also want to ensure that this record sparkles like no record we've done before.

This is how it is: We have four days booked to get all the guitars recorded. We have 14 songs right now, each has two parts, which would means we have 28 guitar parts to cut in four days. Yesterday, we cut four. At that rate, we would need SEVEN days in the studio to do it all. The question is, do we start trimming songs this early in the game? That would get the songs down to 11-12, or 22-24 guitar parts. Or do we push through guitars faster? Or, most costly of all, do we bite the bullet and pay for a lot more time to do guitars? Unfortunately, it's probably the ladder, because we don't want to let fiscal considerations ruin a record (again -- we've been through that before).

Luckily, it's still early in the game. We have the rest of the day to see where we get, and we'll know a lot more after Monday (our last day here this weekend, since we have tomorrow off). By mid-Monday if things aren't looking good, we may have to book more time and possibly think about doing all the vocals at Todd's house. I'm not completely opposed to that line of thinking but Todd seems to be, due to the superior equipment of this professional studio.

Either way, some big decisions may lie ahead, and we have to stay on track, both financially and musically. Hopefully those two align.

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