Saturday, January 31, 2009

Putting on accents

Well, the heavy-lifting is done. We spent yesterday at Todd's fine-tuning, and now we're back at Woolly for the first time in two weeks. This next part can be either the most fun, or the most challenging. What to add, and what not to add? What's too much and what needs just a little more?

Some songs sound done, and some sound far from it. With mixing slated to begin Friday, are we really going to hit the goal? Who knows... For now, the goal is to make a great record, not necessarily to make a deadline. So, we'll let this progress naturally from here on out. If something takes time, we shouldn't shortchange it. We will diligently let sounds develop. I like that.

After adding some guitar tracks, we've played around with various percussion today, with attempts by Matt and I, before Dave just took the lead when Matt departed.
Unfortunately, my judgment of sounds isn't good. I'm falling asleep at the studio, since last night was a late one, but I'm hanging tough. Rodfest is tonight, and it's impossible to NOT get up for Rodfest. I'll be all there, on stage. Might crash after. Maybe that'll be one of the surprises of the evening. Come witness.

Bear in mind that we've played Rodfest tired before -- two years ago, the band awoke at 5:15 a.m. to perform on the Fox 25 Morning Show AND I started a new job that day AND I still didn't nap AND we still rocked. So, yeah, I guess you could say I accomplished everything on my bucket list.

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