Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pulling the plug

Question of the day/next couple days/week ahead: When do we decide to pull the plug on a few of these songs?

It may have to be sooner rather than later. Cutting songs is always painful, but it's quite necessary to ensure a fluid, compact record. Right now, we've still got 14 songs and Todd has stated his intent to get guitar tracks done for all 14 before we make any cuts. Unfortunately, that seems less and less likely.

When all is said and done the record will most likely be 11-12 songs, but could be as short as 10 songs. We have five songs basically completed through guitars (all generally regarded as "keepers": Lights On, Cedar, Nothing From You, Don't Get Me Wrong, Shotgun Wedding), and we are forging ahead on the rest. We have a day and a half to finish them. I firmly believe that we can finish 11-12 tracks by the end of the day tomorrow. Not 14. No way. And Todd, while he is producing this (and his advice is valuable and should be taken as exactly that: advice rather than God's will), is not paying for the studio time. Furthermore, we actually cannot book more studio time, even if we wanted to or had the money to do it.

Dave is tied up the next few weekends. He will not be the engineer to record vocals. Todd (and the band) feel that we can record vocals with someone else, but should not record guitars without Dave present. That is Dave's main strength, and the primary reason he was selected for this project. He's a guitar expert. So, without Dave able to record it, it really only gives us until tomorrow evening to finish these guitar tracks. And again, I don't think 14 is possible without some kind of miracle.

What to do? It's time to take a hard look at the songs we've got and what can go.

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