Saturday, January 17, 2009

Little time

Lots going in Cassavettes land. Not a whole lot of time to talk about it.

Mike and I have finished most of the vocals, in the 1 1/2 days at Woolly. Not too shabby. I'm liking most of the sounds we're getting, and things are really moving along. We just have to finish one song tomorrow, then start piano and harmony overdubs. Definitely in good shape moving forward.

The band played The Dive in Worcester again last night. These shows every month just keep getting better. It's always a good time, with our favorite bartender working the bar, so we shall keep it up. It's good to have a place to play that's not too far, where you can do a three-hour blowout, and tighten your skills, in front of a totally different audience. It's a really good time. Last night, I was struggling with my voice, after singing at the studio, then doing a long set. I had to preserve for today, so I took the easiest path on a few songs and stayed away from the alcohol. That was a good call. I was definitely more fresh today for having done it.

SET 1: Ordinary Girls / Nothing From You / Don't Get Me Wrong / Lights On / Golden Fleece / The Nadir / Madeline / Research Blvd / Whitewashed / Debts / Someday Darling / Seek Cover / Marie / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / The Devil's Arms

SET 2: A Hard Rain / Valley of Gold / Six Hours / Bad Luck / Like Secrets Beneath / Cedar / I Come From the Water / Shotgun Wedding / Shine a Light

The week ahead is looking crazy. I've got to get my shiz together for the big solo show on Thursday, my CD release at the Lizard Lounge. Already some press is filtering in... Sophia, the wife of Mike Epstein of The Motion Sick and fellow blogger, wrote this nice post on Boston Band Crush (and included a song):
Glenn Yoder, of Cassavettes fame has gone solo! No worries about the Cassavettes just yet, as they are still very much up to really great things. Glenn is releasing solo record, which he claims has been a long time coming, entitled Okono Road. The release party is at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge on Thursday, January 22. His back up band for the show includes members of Girls, Guns, and Glory and Left Hand Does. Bonus: everyone that walks through the door gets a free copy of the CD.

The record is alt-country, singer-songwriter, reminiscent of Neil Young and Ryan Adams. Glenn has kindly provided us with an mp3 for the song "Til the Wheels Fall Off" which reminds me a bit of Okkervil River.

That's it for now. Perhaps I can check in tomorrow, if not, see you on Thursday hopefully!

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