Friday, January 23, 2009

Last night was the most incredible night of my life

OK that's not true. I just wanted to quote Wayne's World. But it was a good night -- fun hanging with friends. In addition to the backing band of Kiggans, Jeff, and Seth, I had Chris Cerrato join us on piano, Mike came up and played a number of songs with us, Sarah sang and played shaker, and even Todd joined us during my infamous switch to piano on "Home." It was a barnyard jam. Also, special thanks to Matt for passing out the shakers and percussion instruments to the crowd, it made it all the more of a jam. Communal experience. Together we can. The theme of this week, right? That's what it was like.

It's sort of weird to have to talk about stuff onstage, without playing off Mike and Scott, but somehow we still did. We made jokes back and forth since they were sitting close by. And every time I said something dumb (which is frequent of course), you could pick Scott's laugh out of a crowd of thousands (not that there was one, of course). But the crowd was all friends, and that's the special thing, even though there were a few notable absences. It's all good. It was a rushed effort to get the CD out and the show turned out exactly as I expected. What more could you want than to be among friends during such a special occasion? It's a good feeling.

SET LIST: The Rain's Not Far Behind / Okono Road (feat. Chris Cerrato) / Just Like You / Til the Wheels Fall Off / A Thousand Ways (feat. Sarah Blacker) / Like Secrets Beneath (feat. Chris Cerrato and Mike McCullagh) / Green & White (feat. Chris Cerrato) / Home (feat. Todd Thibaud) / It's Gonna Take Time / Alone / Broken Beaten & Blue (feat. Mike McCullagh) / Give Me a Moment (feat. Chris Cerrato and Mike McCullagh) / You Led Me Into Your Love (feat. Chris Cerrato and Mike McCullagh)

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