Thursday, January 22, 2009

Going it alone

Well, not really. I'll have a full band, as I did at Toad a few months back, but this is my solo CD debut. Oddly enough, the idea of doing this makes me far more nervous than any of Cassavettes' biggest shows. This band only practices once before each gig, whereas Cassavettes obviously knows what's going on. Then again, these guys are quick to pick up, so who knows why I worry? Anyhow, it's at the Lizard Lounge tonight. Ryan's Smashing Life had this to say:
Cassavettes are one of our favorite Boston bands of the last few years - so it's only natural we would be all over the talented Glenn Yoder's solo debut - Okono Road, released today! On the new record, Yoder shines like a star and in many ways transcends his prior accomplishments. On Okono Road, Yoder pays homage and affection for the great American song.

Tracks on Okono Road are original, modern takes on classic song forms. The spirits of great musicians (both past and present) are heard in the background on these recordings. Yoder lists George Harrison, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, and Bob Dylan as inspirations. On Okono Road, the singer-songwriter dabbles (dwelling for just a bit with) traditional folk, the blues and country-western, but Yoder's strongest work here reflect great indie rock singers who also used the previous styles as stepping stones: Elliott Smith, Ryan Adams, Paul Westerberg, Evan Dando, and Wilco's Jeff Tweedy.

Everyone who attends Glenn's CD Release Party tonight at The Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, will be given a complimentary copy of Okono Road. Glenn will be supported on stage by members of Girls, Guns, and Glory and Left Hand Does. This one, friends, should be a blast!

Let's hope so! If I don't toss my cookies first. Just kidding (half). The City Pulse also has a small item.

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Anonymous scott said...

think of it this way. if you eat any of those cookies you made the other night in time, you could LITERALLY be tossing your cookies by tonight. well i mean, literally VOMITING your cookies, that is. but don't toss tonight dude, don't toss. would the boss toss? or would the boss use nos? the boss would use nos. to take care of these guys.

22 January, 2009 09:54  
Anonymous glenn said...

chris has been raving about those cookies. did you try them yet?

22 January, 2009 13:30  
Anonymous Mike said...

Wait a second...I tried those cookies. They were delicious! Would I toss them? Only under extreme provocation. For example, if the Boss came up to me and said "hey, kid. I'll bet you my trusty axe and one kiss from my sweet lil' Scialfa that I can toss my cookies further than you can toss your cookies", I would have to try and win. Why? The Boss would never respect me if I backed down. As you know, if Bruce Springsteen smells fear, you're finished in this biz.

Otherwise, I would certainly fully digest and dispose of those cookies happily. They were good.

26 January, 2009 06:51  

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