Thursday, January 22, 2009

Creamer's dream

This, via Matt, is a post that just rips Creamer's looks to shreds, especially in the comments section (who knows why Matt was perusing Barstool Sports?). Initially, I had resisted posting it, as I found it offensive and pointless, but Creamer, who found it on his own, called it "priceless" and was angry that I didn't send it to him. So said Creams: "Stuff like this just rolls off my shoulder." Therefore, I perpetuate the reach of these rude, anonymous commenters by re-posting it on this here blog.

Funny story, though, this photo that they are critiquing was taken by Bill Brett for my section of Creamer, being a man about town, often shows up in Bill's nightlife shots (and as he often mentions, is featured with Theo or Wyc Grousbeck, as he is above). Anyhow, Bill ALWAYS mislabels Creamer as "Bill Janovitz, Buffalo Tom singer" -- which is not fair to either of them (though Creamer delights in this, and told Janovitz they should "switch wives and see if they notice"). I have dutifully corrected this error time and time again. Then, last week, the photodesk here gets angry that Bill Janovitz keeps getting mislabeled as Michael Creamer online. I explain that he is not Bill Janovitz. Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure. I talk to the dude every day, he manages our band, and, oh, this kind of thing just rolls off his shoulder.

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