Saturday, January 24, 2009

Boy for sale

The recording session scheduled for Cassavettes today couldn't go down because Todd hasn't made the headway on the tracks he had initially hoped to. So, alas, all I have is solo news and sales pitches for you. Sorry.

Here is a testimonial I apparently wrote for Jack Gauthier, who produced my solo record, that I found posted on his website:
Glenn Yoder
"Jack Gauthier is a confident fellow. He doesn't have that asshole-confidence, but instead exudes that pure type of confidence that one only gains through years of experience behind the boards. He knows his equipment back to front, and as I was told in advance, he goes the extra mile. Not to mention he has a cutting sense of humor that keeps the atmosphere light, yet focused. Thus, I have confidence telling you that Jack will give you what you want in a producer and/or engineer -- someone who really cares, who listens, and who will keep you in stitches. That's my testimony to Jack. Now hopefully he doesn't let it go to his head. We don't want him developing asshole-confidence."

Charming, eh?

If you're interested in buying the solo record, you may now do so here...

Finally, I did an interview with Spare Change News yesterday, where we talked solo record and Cassavettes. Keep your eyes glued to this blog for the full text soon.

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