Friday, December 12, 2008

Something to write Cleo about

Playing music is fun. I mean, yes, it's work and it can be disheartening and even angering sometimes. But the point of playing music -- the point of seeing music -- is to have fun. When music stops being fun, it shouldn't be made any longer, plain and simple. That's not a particularly large concern of mine.

We're having a lot of fun. Getting up in front of the crowd last night, I had fun from beginning to end. Whether it was playing in front of 500 people last night in New York City, or even the 10 or so we had the night before in Worcester, it's just exciting to go up there and play. In some ways, I'm so comfortable onstage at this point that it almost is like I'm playing music for the first time, all over again. I no longer think about what I need to talk to the crowd about or anything like that, it just all kind of rolls off my tongue and often doesn't make sense. That kind of excitement is refreshing. As for the music, it doesn't stop being fun playing with your friends of course. We played pretty well the last couple nights, not our best, but far from our worst. A couple mis-steps aren't going to keep me up at night (that is, presuming I ever sleep at night again -- we got in at 5:30 or so this morning).

More than most gigs, I love the opening slot for a band people are legitimately excited to see. I know a lot of bands compete for these gigs, but few actually relish them -- they may get the inaccurate idea that the audience is only interested in listening to the headliner. Winning over a crowd on the road can be the BEST FEELING in music -- it's like beating Starfox64 for Scott or something. That again isn't to say this crowd was bowled over by us, but the general reaction was positive. Some folks near Fritz were anxious for us to finish so that Letters to Cleo would come on. Hey, if I were in that person's position, I'd probably feel the same way! We were just out there, hoping to entertain folks, have a few laughs -- that kind of thing. And you know what? That's fun. And that's the name of the game.

SET LIST: Lights On / Don't Get Me Wrong / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Madeline / Golden Fleece / On the Lam / Nothing On You / Cedar / I Come From the Water / Shotgun Wedding / Ordinary Girls / Shine a Light

We actually ran quite a bit under our allotted time last night, so we could throw in a couple extra tracks. Luckily, we had played the Dive Bar in Worcester again the night before and done a similar two-hour set last weekend. So we were on our game.

The Dive Bar was not as full as the last time, and they didn't pass the hat, but I did eat a really good hotdog and we had some fun with the locals, discussing "cut women and how to get 'em." What more could you ask for from Worcester?
SET 1 (by memory here): Nothing on You / Research Blvd / Golden Fleece / Trouble From the Start / Madeline / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Seek Cover / Don't Get Me Wrong / The Devil's Arms / Bad Luck
SET 2: Lights On / The Nadir / I Come From the Water / Someday Darling / Cedar / Shotgun Wedding / Shine a Light

Next weekend, it's Cassavettes' holiday bash with Age Rings, Rogue Heroes, and Quixote at Church. Are you in? Do you need more incentive? OK...IF we get an encore at our holiday party next Friday (if, that is to say, not to be presumptuous and just expect an encore), I declare that we will do a long-standing cover that we have never unveiled. Perhaps we'll even get some on-stage acting. Hopefully the cover doesn't separate us from the crowd too much, if you know what I mean. So, there's something to look forward to.

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Anonymous scott said...

anybody who wants to find out what the cover is, read every 17th word of the blog and you just MIGHT find a clue...

12 December, 2008 14:43  

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