Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mountain men

So after some light debate over driving conditions, the band decided to drive up to Burke Mountain, Vermont, yesterday for our gig at a ski resort. These ski shows are sweet for a few reasons: 1) Vermont is cool to look at, 2) they pay well, 3) they put you up for the night, and 4) they supposedly give you free skiing, though we have yet to make good on that offer. But we just may get our chance yet: before we played a single note last night they offered to bring us back for back-to-back days with skiing and accommodations. Got to like that, eh?

The drive wasn't terrible yesterday. It was cold, and snowy, but the roads were good. What would be a three-hour drive stretched out to nearly four and a half, but we weren't rushing, either. Upon arrival, they fed us and treated us kind, despite a grueling load-in haul up two flights of stairs. My only problem was that apparently the show was heavily promoted, yet no one really showed. A couple families were there, and were good to us, but it wasn't like what was promised. Either way, what are you going to do? We played a solid two-hour show with very few mistakes, and just had fun throwing out tunes.

At the end of the set (or what later proved to be), I invited one of the audience members to take a guitar solo. He had auditioned at Berklee earlier in the day, and he led the other guys through a 10-minute blues jam. He had skills. But when I went to finish the set, he kept going. And that's how the night ended. Eventually, all the members of the band were watching other people playing our equipment, including the sound guy on lead vocals. Again, what are you going to do? That's just the kind of night it was.
SET LIST (from memory): The Nadir / Research Blvd / Someday Darling / Madeline / The Devil's Arms / Lights On / Don't Get Me Wrong / St. Anthony / Trouble From the Start / Seek Cover / Six Hours / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Golden Fleece / Ordinary Girls / Debts / I Come From the Water / Cedar / Like Secrets Beneath / Long Blues Jam with dude auditioning for Berklee

Anyhow, the drive back to Boston today was the worst part (actually, the worst part was that I had to work upon getting back). The roads were sludge, people were crashing, we were sliding, and it took over five hours with no real stops. Not exactly the charming winter wonderland that Vermont can be.

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