Friday, December 05, 2008

Keep on moving

Things are nuts at the moment. For a couple weeks there, I was updating like never before. And then... bad habits come back to haunt you. I fell out of the blogging habit for a bit. Attribute that to business.

Mike and I got together earlier this week to go over the notes we got from Todd on our songs. Most of it is fairly positive, though Todd isn't inclined to the rock stuff a whole lot, and certainly not the jammy stuff. There might have to be some compromises on both sides of the fence, but that's how these things work, anyway. At practice last night, we trimmed and tightened where we saw fit in a number of songs -- "Lights On," "Madeline," "Nothing On You" (soon to be retitled), "Golden Fleece" -- and most of it works pretty nicely. For the first time in a long time, the practice felt truly productive. As Scott said, it felt like we were actually working toward making a record for the first time. That's good, considering we start in, oh, four weeks or so. Still, there's plenty to be done, but I'm feeling good about it all.

On Sunday, we head to our chosen studio to lay down some scratch tracks -- to feel out the place more than anything. We don't expect to get any keepers, but you never know, we might. The band is at a good place to lay down some songs and the songs noted above, in trimmed fashion, are a good starting place for demos. The others still need some work (though some don't -- "Don't Get Me Wrong," "There's a Reason," and "Someday Darling" are pretty much there apparently. Maybe we can post some of these roughs as we go along and get some feedback on the new material.

In the midst of all, we're playing a number of shows including a private party tomorrow, The Dive Bar in Worcester again on Wednesday, and NYC on Thursday with Letters to Cleo (that show, by the way, is starting to get some blog love, and we're getting a few mentions, like here).

Either way, busy is good. It means progress (most of the time). I'm feeling like the band is getting where it needs to go, which is, by all measurable counts, the next level.

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