Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Entourage barrage

I feel like I haven't had a good sleep in days. Last night, I exercised for the first time in a week -- and got cut off after 15 minutes. These aren't complaints; rather, they are mere side effects of the band's busy life over the past weekend. Not only did I work six days last week, but I went straight from work to a gig Saturday night, and we haven't stopped since. Sunday, we recorded, then Matt and I stopped by the Boston Music Awards. Monday, it was work then fixing the van then schmoozing at the Letters to Cleo reunion gig in Boston (we're playing the one in NYC). Today, it's work, then practice. Tomorrow, it's work, then a gig in Worcester. Thursday, same deal, but the gig is in NYC with Letters. This is good. Busy is good.

The show on Saturday was well-received by 3/4 of the band. Since it was at Scott's place of employment (sort of), he was inclined to declare he'd never do such a show again. Apparently, we were bothering people, according to him, which was quite the opposite of what I saw. To me, it was a chance to hone our chops and make a little cash. Mission accomplished, end of story, in my opinion. Anyhow, we'll see if it happens again. It wasn't announced and it wouldn't be next time, either. It's just something to keep us in playing shape.
SET 1 (off the top of my head): The Nadir / Research Blvd / St. Anthony / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Madeline / Golden Fleece / Seek Cover (debut) / Trouble From the Start / I Come From the Water / Don't Get Me Wrong
SET 2: Lights On / Debts / There's a Reason / Whitewashed / The Devil's Arms / Cedar / Shine a Light

Recording on Sunday went great. Dave is tough, but an insanely nice guy about it all. We really are trying to make the tracks heavy and rocking, with a solid base. That requires some very sturdy beats from Matt, who is baring the brunt of the criticism at this stage. Fear not: we will each have our day of being nitpicked. Besides, all this can do is make us better players, and when we finish the record, hopefully we play the songs better than ever. We wrapped up basics (which may or may not be used) on three songs: "Golden Fleece," "Madeline," and "Lights On." Now, we take a month off and officially hit the studio on January 3, with Todd in tow. Highlights of Sunday at Woolly: I laughed at The Onion so hard that I cried (living up to its name); Mike played a $15,000 guitar; Creamer showed up in his outfit from spin class.

The BMAs were like this: I got shoved by Donnie Wahlberg (or someone in his entourage, according to Matt); we snuck backstage when the security guard unbelievably left his post (like a movie or something); Matt called Jordan Knight "Jordan McKnight" a few times and now denies it; Matt called Rob's wife "hot" unknowingly; Creamer stuck a cheese puff up his nose to impress Matt and then ate it. Also, GGG won two big awards and we're quite proud of them.

Last night was awesome. I'm psyched about playing with Letters to Cleo in NYC. I've never been familiar with their catalog, but they haven't missed a beat, by my measure. They sounded tight as hell, and they rock really hard. We'll be a good fit with them, hopefully. I'm looking forward to it.

And with two ski trips on the horizon and Cassavettes' holiday party on December 19, there's plenty more action to come.

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