Monday, November 17, 2008

Good times for a change

Oh joyous day! It doesn't matter that it'll be a long one at work -- the Mavs finally won another game. That ought to hold me over. In the mean time, enjoy these photos of 3/4 of Cassavettes, shot by Este Aladro at our show at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn last week. Scott refused to have his photo taken. Something about it stealing his soul...

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Anonymous scott said...

i didn't really refuse to get my picture taken so much as i avoided este. also, the cowboys won last night, which at this point in the season is probably an even bigger win for them than the mavs winning. (though both make for a good night)

17 November, 2008 14:10  
Anonymous glenn said...

yeah, but i dont care about football, so its not something that i was going to write about. it would be like me covering the 25 most fashionable bostonians...oh wait. that's what im doing. at work.

17 November, 2008 14:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

look at mike, not looking at the camera

he is so cool

i would eat a sandwich with him

18 November, 2008 21:55  
Anonymous glenn said...

well, i can tell you that este was trying to make us "comfortable in front of the camera" by just shooting us constantly for several minutes on end. thus, mike's eyes had to drift south at some point -- it was boring, man. so, really, este is responsible for selecting that photo, its not that mike was trying to look cool. besides, mike is cool. and fun to eat sandwiches with. luckily, he works at a place that makes both things possible daily.

19 November, 2008 12:01  

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