Friday, November 07, 2008

Feel the love

Talk about not knowing what to expect. A rainy Thursday night at TT the Bear's? I figured we'd be lucky to get even a few folks out, but alas, I'm always surprised by your dedication. This is your victory. OK OK, enough of the Obama stuff. Either way, the show was great, with a blistering opening set by The Dirty Truckers and a loud, crazy set by Jesse Malin, in which he kindly dedicated a song to Cassavettes. Talking with Ryan, he of the Smashing Life, before the show, he told me that he considers Jesse top 15 -- occasionally, top 5 -- artists in the world. Crazy! But his fans are indeed loyal, and were loving every minute of it.

As for our set, we played well (save for a few times when Matt stopped playing drums -- he was quite embarrassed about it, not sure what happened there) and kept it light and loose. I was having a good time onstage, though a bit battered by a cold. All's well that ends well, and by the end of the set, we got a good, loud reaction. We chided AJ about his post-election shave (he's as smooth as a baby's bottom now, for the first time knows?) and we had some laughs.
SET LIST: Lights On / Madeline / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Don't Get Me Wrong / Golden Fleece / On the Lam / New Song, Untitled / Cedar / Shotgun Wedding / Shine a Light

Before the show, there was a bit of buzz for Jesse coming to town, and we got some accolades. From Cheap Thrills:
Let's hope Jesse Malin shows up tonight. I think he's postponed a couple different Boston appearances over the last year. It's cool that we can still check him out in tiny clubs where you could almost touch him almost as easily as his songs touch his fans. Malin has come out of the punk scene to make a rough-and-ready version of rootsy music. I haven't fallen under the spell yet, but guests on his last album included Ryan Adams, Jakob Dylan, Josh Homme (QotSA), and a guy known as Bruce Springsteen. Even if he doesn't show, Cassavettes and The Dirty Truckers, two of our best local rootsy rockers, could keep the crowd more than happy.

Plus, Pick of the Week at the City Pulse, whereas Ryan's Smashing Life took it one step further, declaring it Jesse Malin Week. I think Obama supporters may have some qualms with that... OK, that's the last one, I promise. For now.

Tonight, we head for Brooklyn and tomorrow we share the stage with the Toadies!

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Anonymous Brian Bergeron said...

great to see things are still going well glenn. congrats on the bowery date! that's a great venue. hurrah. keep it up.

09 November, 2008 11:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

matt's hair is sique!

09 November, 2008 21:45  

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