Monday, November 24, 2008

Alma mater review

Just found a review by The Huntington News (formerly the Northeastern News, the campus paper of my alma mater, Northeastern University). They've got some nice thoughts on our show back on Mike's birthday, Nov. 11. Check out The News' full version and our blog on the show.
One, Two, Three Times the Fun

Northeastern bands Plastic Reverie and Eroica took the stage in front of more than 50 students Tuesday during a free show hosted by afterHOURS. Veteran folk rockers Cassavettes, made up of one Northeastern alumnus and three of his friends from his hometown in Texas, headlined the event...
Headliner Cassavettes are not strangers to afterHOURS. The band members joked back and forth about the Curry Student Center, as well as their disdain of the Los Angeles Lakers, who beat their favorite team, the Dallas Mavericks, that night.

Led by dual vocalists Mike McCullagh and Glenn Yoder, Cassavettes blended an array of genres to form radio friendly pop rock. Also in the band are bassist Scott Jones and drummer Matt Snow.

"They draw people who enjoy a lot of different styles of music," said sophomore linguistics major Tina Campbell.

Although Plastic Reverie, Eroica and Cassavettes only play afterHOURS a handful of times each year, they said they are working to schedule more shows in the Boston area.

I don't recall any of saying that we are working on more shows there, but that's OK. We didn't talk to anybody from The News.

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