Saturday, October 04, 2008

Whisked away to...Worcester

Well, we certainly didn't see this coming. Last night's show in Worcester was, hands down, AWESOME. We played at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute for their annual pep rally, which, from the looks when we arrived, was going to be a few people at best. But by sundown, these crazy Worcester-dwelling kids were out in full force on the quad, looking to party and get free swag. We gave away a lot of stuff, but it all balanced out, really.

College shows are sweet for a couple reasons: 1) good money and 2) enthusiastic folks. Number 2, however, should be amended to say SOMETIMES. In this case, these kids were all about having a good time. They pressed right up on the big, well-lit stage we had and danced, did the wave, cheered for the goat/engineering mascot and a lion (for some reason), showed us their unique talents for free shirts, waved their rally flags, whatever. It was really cool. Not only that, but the school gave us a nice green room, free food and drinks and what not. Talk about hospitality. I hope pictures surface!
SET 1: Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Madeline / You'll Be Crying Soon / Don't Get Me Wrong / Debts / Shotgun Wedding / Golden Fleece
SET 2: A Hard Rain / Lights On / There's a Reason / Cedar / On the Lam / I Come From the Water / Shine a Light

Hey, you know it's a good show when even Mike will admit he had a good time in Worcester.

Tonight, we play the Middle East Upstairs for our buddies The Vital Might's CD Release! It's going to be sweet.

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Anonymous glenn said...

the only picture to surface was this distant shot of us. but at least you can see how many kids were there.

02 November, 2008 11:01  

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