Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Travel blues

This week is the first week we've had off in about seven weeks. In that time, we played 14 shows. It's nice to get a little break, even if it feels less like a break when you're away from your work.

Actually, we also took a break from practice last Thursday and this Monday, just to decompress a bit. The band is playing pretty well -- not at the high level we were at when we returned from tour last year, which was my hope for this seven-week stint -- but still solid. We still have off nights, consistency problems, and for some reason, have recently been told by several industry folks that our "swamp rock" style of being dirty and loose is cool. I hesitantly agree... to an extent. Either way, we intend to keep hitting the following markets, hopefully in clumps: New York, Washington DC (canceled show last month was a big drawback), Philadelphia, Providence (working on it, and playing there on the 30th is a good start), New London (just because it's so much fun), Portland, Burlington (we need to break into this). I've been talking to a couple folks about getting shows together up north, but really I need to hit these markets hard.

We'll see if the van can take it. On Monday, I took it in for a $1,400 tune-up. Ouch.

The band will head out next week for four shows in as many nights, before finally quieting down again. As we move toward the record, the key is to refine our song list and really work to tighten the song structures. Right now, we're eyeballing December as our recording date (March as our release date).

But we've got a couple of big things on the horizon, and November should be a landmark month for us. I'll fill you in more on that later, as the details surface. But suffice it to say, we're pleased with where things are at.

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