Saturday, October 25, 2008


Good times last night. I tried a solo show at Toad. It was cool to try something a bit different, get out there with a new group of guys and see how it sounded. Things were a bit wayward at times, but on the whole, these guys are good: hey, they made charts. If that doesn't prove that they were more committed than me, I don't know what does.

I really didn't know what to expect going into this. Would anyone show up? Does anyone care? I still don't really have answers on either of those, because while the show DID reach capacity repeatedly throughout the night (cool, but then again Toad is SMALL, like 65 capacity), it probably had little to do with us. I think it was just a Friday night crowd, looking for drinks and some tunes, not necessarily a DRAW. But as a result, Scott, AJ, and Joe had to wait at the door for awhile. That was weird. I couldn't even coerce the guy into letting them in. Still felt good, though. I like to watch them suffer.

Anyhow, like I said, the set was pretty good. We only did one practice in advance, and only ran through each song once, with a couple of exceptions. They just listened to my CD and learned it. Pretty good, on their part. They being Jeff Katz, Josh Kiggans, and Seth Adams, I should say. We don't have a name for them just yet, though there were plenty of crude suggestions last night. Also, who knows if this is a set lineup. It was just some fun times out at Toad. Playing music and having a few beers. I hope to do it again soon.

SET LIST 1 (band): Til the Wheels Fall Off / Okono Road / The Rain's Not Far Behind / A Thousand Ways / Just Like You / Green & White / Give Me a Moment / Home (extended jam version)
ACOUSTIC SET: Ambivalent Farewells / Set Free / Bad Luck / Like Secrets Beneath (w/ Mike) / If the Devil Steals My Soul / Seasons / Rainy Days
SET LIST 2 (band): Broken Beaten & Blue / It's Gonna Take Time / Alone / You Led Me Into Your Love (also an extended jam)

A little pre-show press here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention some broad, i think she bought you beer and nachos, who waited outside with NO jacket on, freezing, to get in

25 October, 2008 20:35  
Anonymous glenn said...

oh yeah. shes cool. she had kind of prune-y skin, like a raisin, right? and she sang all motown hits?

26 October, 2008 12:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


26 October, 2008 18:17  

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