Sunday, October 05, 2008


Here's the sentiment I heard from many (that means more than a few) folks last night after our show at the Middle East Upstairs: "Really good set, especially the last third." Or, "Kind of shakey start, but the last third was awesome." Or, "Your guitar was out of tune for one song, but then you fixed it. And the last part of the set was really good." Or my personal favorite, from a new Cassaconvert, "You guys are really good. Not harsh and melodic (editor's note: say what?), but a good vibe. And the last part of the set was a really good vibe."

OK, so apparently, we started slow last night? I'm not sure if I noticed, beyond the fact that our guitars kept falling out of tune at first (damn you, new strings!) and Mike and I were both WAY off in "Debts." I was begging my voice to move up, but I was just flat until we hit "On the Lam." So, perhaps those are the reasons. But truth be told, it didn't really matter. The show was a ton of fun, people were letting the good times roll, and we had one of our sweatiest and most fun nights in some time. Long story short, it's good to be playing in Boston again. It's been too long.

SET LIST: Don't Get Me Wrong / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Madeline / Debts / On the Lam / Lights On / Cedar / Shotgun Wedding / Shine a Light

And there was good news from the show last night. Our probable producer was there to check us out live for the first time, and liked what he saw. "Good DNA onstage" was his review, if that counts for anything. Is it in Cassavettes' collective blood to have a righteous time partying together onstage? Methinks so.

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