Thursday, October 02, 2008

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Nice and relaxing should make you come back feeling nice and relaxed. Alas, another painful back and concern that I may be having a second coming of shingles. But we'll wait and see, this is the EXACT same symptoms as the last time I had the worst thing I've ever had, but I'm going to wait it out. Nonetheless, the last two weeks have been so insanely fun, it's hard to describe. Let's start with recent history:

Last Thursday, we headed down to our now-all-too-familiar stomping grounds of Dewey Beach, Delaware, for the Dewey Beach Music Conference. Even though a hurricane hit the place we were playing, enough people were forced to be there because, hey, it was a music conference. And unlike past Dewey Beach shows, these were not locals (although it was open to locals). The crowd was almost all other musicians and, more importantly, some industry folks. Oddly enough, a few took a shine to use, specifically, two producers who have been hot on the trail. One I spoke to for a great length of time, the other has emailed Creamer. But we've already got a producer on the songwriting end (Todd) for the upcoming album, though we could be persuaded possibly into getting an engineering producer, too. Making a great record happens to be priority no. 1 for the band right now, so this was definitely a worthwhile endeavor. After staying up late drinking Shiner (yes, we found it in Delaware!), we rose to a sick Scott, a bunch of outlet stores, and a four-hour drive to Virginia. In Virginia, we didn't play music (in fact, Matt headed back) but we did play a lot of beach football, beach baseball, beach frisbee, beach bumming, beach wave-riding (which Tara thought, for some reason, would make for a good album cover), and just anything beach-related. It was an awesome adventure with good friends. No music, though. Not even karaoke.
SET LIST (Dewey Beach): Don't Get Me Wrong / Lights On / Madeline / Golden Fleece / On the Lam / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Cedar / Shotgun Wedding / I Come From the Water / Shine A Light

The previous week, the band played a going-away party for our friend Kevin, who has chosen to enter the military and will ship out to Texas, I believe, before being sent overseas. Either way, it was great to be a part of such a moving occasion, and get to play to some party animals.

Here's what I previously wrote about Kevin's party.
Anyhow, back to the band (and not politics and basketball), remind me later: I need to update you on our private show last week for our good friend Kevin shipping off to Iraq. It was a good time with a faux guitar solo by the big guy himself! But now I do not have the time. Either way, I just found the set list...
SET LIST: Lights On / Madeline / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Debts / On the Lam / There's a Reason / Don't Get Me Wrong / LONG BREAK FOR PHOTO OPS, NOT OUR DECISION / Shotgun Wedding / I Come From the Water / Shine A Light (feat. KO)

The next day, TD and I flew to Texas for a little hang time in the Hill Country, which was quite beautiful and filled with wild life. For those keeping score at home, we've had two relaxing vacation and I'm STILL feeling sick-ish. Bummer.

Finally, we got LOL-ed on Boston Band Crush, a new blog written by Sophia and some of the guys from The Motion Sick. It appears in this segment, LOL Crush, they take a press photo of the band and interpret what the photo is saying. But they also added the nice, and quite distinct, statement: "The Cassavettes are the best Texas-bred americana rock you'll find in Boston." Check it out!

Next up, a private party at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute tomorrow and then a big show at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge on Saturday, supporting our friend's The Vital Might at their CD release party. Old 97s on Sunday. Good times keep rolling.

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Blogger Andy said...

Looking forward to Saturday!

02 October, 2008 10:31  
Anonymous scott said...

i know it says "fails to impress" but you look pretty impressed by this supposed invisible mechanical bull. also i did not hear about this proposed album cover of wave riding. i'm all for it.

02 October, 2008 17:17  

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