Friday, October 31, 2008

Running scared

Some big, SCARY decisions are coming soon. Fitting since it's Halloween today, and only a half-week from the biggest, scariest decision Americans have faced in awhile. Will we stick with our current recording plan or head elsewhere? Will we, perhaps since it's now nearly impossible to prevent, put out some close friends? If you think it's you I'm talking about, you're wrong. Don't worry.

Last night, we played in Providence to a meager crowd (it looked good for awhile until all the people dressed as the Joker left, and just Aram and GGG was there). That's OK. We didn't promote it, and we haven't been there in a long, long time. I love Jake's, it's a great bar. I didn't love that the Mavs lost on opening night, but I did love that the staff of Jake's put the game on for us. As far as how we played, err, it was OK. I wouldn't say I was bowled over, but it was sturdy. About where we need to be. Last week, the band cut some roughs at the Jamspot for our upcoming record, so we are in full refinement mode. We played one old one last night that was, now, new. We had never played it live before, as it was left on the floor of our last practice space in Everett. Still, it sounded good and rocking. From here, we keep molding our sound and playing with each other, and trim the songs. We're getting there. Inch by inch.
SET LIST: A Hard Rain / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Madeline / Cedar / NEW, OLD SONG (debut) / Lights On / Don't Get Me Wrong / Shotgun Wedding / Shine a Light

We met with Jack Gauthier, who engineered my record, last night in West Greenwich, R.I., about doing a bit of work on this upcoming Cassavettes album. He is a great guy, very Henry Winkler-esque, and he is all about it. But alas, we are pretty set in what's going on at the moment, so unless something derails, the train is staying on track. We meet with our would-be producer this Wednesday, and then collectively make a decision from there.

In album-related news, Mike has announced his plans to shave off his burgeoning beard, which he pledged months ago to not cut until the record was finished. Not released, just finished. Right now, we're eyeballing late January. But he's giving up! (Truth is, I've been feeling as if he's been cheating along the way, since he's been trimming it frequently. I think if this was truly an all-in kind of thing, he would just let it grow.) Either way, the point remains... I'm no style expert, but I can tell you with extreme confidence that ever since Mike started growing the beard (about two months ago? post-wedding?), he has become more funny, better smelling, and definitely more handsome. But he won't listen to me. Voice your opinion in the comments section of this blog and talk Mike off the ledge. Or off the chin, I suppose.

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Anonymous scott said...

if mike shaves he beard i'll peel the skin off his back. something to think about. also you are forgetting we played lights on last night.

31 October, 2008 15:20  
Anonymous glenn said...

i shall fix now...

and ill fix mike FOR GOOD.

31 October, 2008 15:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mo' beards mo' problems

31 October, 2008 18:01  
Anonymous mike said...

Yeah, here's the thing about the beard. I don't know where everyone got this crazy idea that I would keep it until the record came out. What I said was I would grow a beard until my beloved Phillies won the world series. Also, the beard was possessed by a demon. So, I really dodged a bullet by shaving it. The demon was a republican, and who knows what he would have made me do on election day.

Also, if you guys like beards so much I suggest you grow your own, suckas.

02 November, 2008 07:09  
Anonymous scott said...

everyone is going to have to close their eyes when they talk to you from now on

02 November, 2008 08:54  
Anonymous mike said...

Good. I hate people's eyes anyway. All you guys have such ugly looking eyes.

02 November, 2008 09:51  
Anonymous glenn said...

you know we would if we could.

02 November, 2008 10:56  
Anonymous scott said...

then i'm going to open my eyes but i'm not going to wear my contacts

02 November, 2008 10:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm going to wear one of those glass with pictures of eyes on them but have a picture of my real eyes on them so you have to look at my eyes but i don't have to look at you

02 November, 2008 19:35  
Anonymous scott said...

i'm going to paint my eyelids to look like eyes so i can fall asleep while you're telling me boring stories about shaving your beard and you'll think you're looking at my eyes but i won't have to see or hear you or pay attention to my teachers

02 November, 2008 20:30  
Anonymous mike said...

You no longer sleep in my bedroom on a cot, Scott. I now regale Julie with the entertaining and heroic beard shaving tales that you so obviously miss. I can read your eye-lid-painted-to-look-like-eyeball having face like a really boring book, my friend.

Also, to anonymous: I have no idea what "those glass that have pictures of my real eyes" means. My mind baffles at the very thought that you typed that while believing that you were making sense for even a second.

Also, to Glenn and Scott: I like your eyes very much. I was jus' funnin'. Glenn's eyes are like rich oak banquet tables covered in the finest chocolates, and Scott's are like a cool and calm south pacific bay.

02 November, 2008 20:55  
Anonymous glenn said...

i was never worried about my eyes. that was scott's dig. but thanks for the kudos. i liken your eyes to a black horse and a cherry tree. whoo whoo.

03 November, 2008 07:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know those glasses

03 November, 2008 18:42  
Blogger scott said...

if one more person says something bad about my eyes i'll peel the skin from their back

03 November, 2008 18:52  
Anonymous fritz said...

the beard shaving was well worth it, mike. how else would you look like a.j. for halloween ;) too bad, you didn't give a.j. your shaved beard to use it to look like you for halloween haha!

04 November, 2008 22:45  
Anonymous glenn said...

is that really fritz? or scott pretending to be him like usual? because it really, really sounds like fritz.

05 November, 2008 09:47  

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