Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Out of practice

Cassavettes hasn't practiced in awhile. Something keeps coming up. We took breaks, Matt had a gig, Ward took the PA out of the space. Whatever the reason, I'm wondering how we'll sound in Kingston, NY tomorrow. It may be batting practice. Luckily, we'll have a couple days to get back into the groove this weekend, on a four-date swing. The van ought to hold up after its massive reconstruction.

More than anything, we need to practice to start exercising some new songs and getting a final list of 15-18 songs ready for the record. Once we're there, we can trim in the studio down to 10-12 songs, depending on how things come out, how they feel, etc. We'll focus on tone and groove, two important concepts that we have not gotten across yet. I have a couple newer ideas that I think would fit on this record -- a ROCK record, our first. That doesn't mean it's going to be aggressive all the time. There's always a place for a good ballad or midtempo change of pace. But as always, the best songs win. I'm not attached to any particular tunes right now -- or have such a strong allegiance that I'd let it negatively affect the true focus of this record: to make a great rock record. We have to be completely open to criticism, from the inside and the outside. I'm ready to get started, and I'm sure the guys are too, but we have to get ready together first.

Anyhow, this will be our final big exercise, it appears, before we record. We'll have a couple short trips, but as it stands now, we're looking to get started in December or January, and I'm not setting much else up. So the band's tightness depends not on touring anymore, but listening to each other and working hard in practice. So here's to hoping this swing gets us to a good place:
Oct 16 - The Basement, Kingston, NY
Oct 17 - The Mean Fiddler, New York, NY (MEANYfest)
Oct 18 - The Rusty Rudder, Dewey Beach, DE (Americanafest)
Oct 19 - The Fire, Philadelphia, PA

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